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  • Jan8Fri

    The Gospel and Education in Nepal

    January 8, 2021 by the TWR Women of Hope Ministry Team
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    Only 57 per cent of Nepalese women are literate. When girls do not have access to education, their choices are limited. Many become child brides and end up totally dependent on their husbands and restricted to domestic duties in the home. Uneducated girls and women, whether they marry as child brides or older, are more likely to be subject to various mentally and physically unhealthy living situations.

    TWR Nepal and TWR Women of Hope work together to continue educating and training women, many from the country’s most rural areas.

    In early 2020, 30 women from the eastern area of Nepal gathered for a three-month basic training course. Learning to sew encouraged the women that they would be able to earn a living to help their families and improve their financial situations. They also were introduced to the Women of Hope radio program. Some were already listeners, and some heard for the first time what it means to trust in Jesus.

    There has been much fear and anxiety in Nepal because of the pandemic. To combat these concerns, TWR teams spent five days travelling from village to village teaching women and children about health and hygiene, including the benefits of handwashing. They gave gifts of soap, masks, toothbrushes and toothpaste to those who attended the training. This helped ease the anxiety spurred by the coronavirus. More than 210 children and 300 women participated. This training, the Women of Hope programs discussing the coronavirus, and TWR Nepal’s Facebook and YouTube pages all provided people with education and encouragement.

    These women and children are not forgotten. Even during a pandemic when ministry looks different, TWR Nepal and TWR Women of Hope continue to invest in their lives by sharing health information and the Word of God.