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    Testimonies From Persian-Speaking Listeners

    October 21, 2016 by TWR Canada Women's Ministry Team
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    In the midst of great persecution and suffering, it is inspiring to know that the Lord is at work transforming hearts and minds. Thanks to your prayers and support, Persian-speaking women are finding their identity in a relationship with Jesus Christ. Through Project Hannah’s Women of Hope broadcasts, they are discovering that they are loved and find hope and healing in Jesus name!

    Testimonies from Persian-speaking Listeners

    “Hi! I want to give you a glance of my testimony. I’m in my 36 and mother of 3 kids. I was a [strong believer of another religion] and never thought that one day I will convert to Christ. In September 2013 through one of my relatives I introduced to your Women of Hope program which totally changed my life. I had never experienced such a pure feeling [or had a] close relationship with God. This was a whole different feeling in comparison to what I had before. And all this new life that I have I owe to you. I hope that the Lord blesses you abundantly.”

    “Hi! Since 2012 I’m a regular listener of Women of Hope. I’m leading a [house church group]. We also have a ladies’ prayer meeting once a week, and most of our members listen to your programs in small groups of 4-6. During the past years, our group has doubled, and through Women of Hope [programs] many have been introduced to Christ. I’m convinced that this program is one of God’s provisions for us and one of his ways to reach desperate and lost women. That’s such a great blessing for us.”

     “Hi, I’m a regular listener to Women of Hope. I’m working in a water mill. My husband is a truck driver. He was involved in an accident and has been in prison since May 2014. I have three children; the oldest is 15. It was by the grace of God that I heard about the Women of Hope [broadcasts], and through this blessed program I converted to Christ. Otherwise, who knows where I would be now? Your programs are a huge encouragement for me and for those who are like me and going through hard times. My daughter is listening to your programs too; she has so many questions about salvation, but the only resource we have is your programs. Please make sure that you add a section that provides additional instructions about Jesus and salvation. God bless you and all the Women of Hope staff.”