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    Speaking Hope into Angola and Mozambique

    April 20, 2018 By the TWR Canada Women's Ministry Team
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    If you’ve been a friend of TWR Women of Hope for a while, you may recognize two of the countries we are praying for this month; both Angola and Mozambique are supported by TWR Canada. As you pray and give, women in these countries are being encouraged, strengthened and most importantly finding their hope in Jesus!


    The situations in Angola and Mozambique are dire. Angola is rich in natural resources, has a thriving oil industry and is the fourth largest producer of diamonds. Yet poverty is still a significant concern. It is estimated that two-thirds of the population survives on less than $2 US a day. Life expectancy is among the lowest worldwide; infant mortality is among the highest. Appalling living conditions, dirty water and little access to education contribute to the cycle of poverty.

    Mozambique has much the same story. The discovery of gas off Mozambique's coast in 2011 has done little to transform the economy of one of the world's poorest nations. More than half of Mozambique's people continue to live below the poverty line. Almost half the population does not drink water from safe sources. Infrastructure has been destroyed by years of civil war, and extreme climate conditions, including floods and droughts, impact daily life significantly.

    This is the reality in which TWR Women of Hope is ministering. It’s not hard to imagine the challenges, hardships and pain women face. They face many significant obstacles such as extreme poverty, war, limited health care, lack of education, child marriage, drug and liquor addiction, drought and flooding and major sanitation problems. Each one of these obstacles would be difficult on its own, but they often must cope with several at the same time. Their hardships and heartache can lead them to despair, and they desperately need the hope and healing found only in Jesus. And that’s the message TWR Women of Hope is sharing, through words and action.


    In 2001, Angola became the first African country to welcome the ministry TWR Women of Hope, called Project Hannah at that time. (You can read how it started on TWR Canada’s “Journey to Hope” blog. The prayer ministry started in Mozambique in 2005. In both countries, women were eager to pray together, and prayer groups grew quickly. Women’s lives began to change as they saw God working in their homes, communities and churches.

    With a solid foundation of prayer, we began airing the Women of Hope broadcasts into these countries, beginning with Portuguese, then adding Makhuwa (Mozambique) and Umbundu (Angola). Again, people were eager to respond to the practical daily life lessons and the spiritual teaching.


    "… I am a frequent listener of the program. It has strengthened me a lot. I would like you to repeat the program with the theme, “Older People.” I learned to respect and care for the elderly.”

    "I always listen to the program in the company of my family and friends. Thank God through this program, ‘Smokers—Stop Smoking;’ my cousin quit smoking. He converted and began attending church."

     “I really like your program because it has helped me a lot in raising my children. Please can you record these programs on cd? Thank you.”

    “Thank you for the program because it has strengthened me a lot. I continue to share the messages with the sisters in the church and with my neighbours. I also want to express my joy and gratitude because it is now one year since I received a solar radio as a donation from TWR. God bless you.”

    “I thank the Lord for the Women of Hope program because it made a change that improved my family. We have changed our life; we are no longer the family that fights...”

    Women of Hope helped me a lot in my relationship with my two children. Now we are good friends. I give thanks a lot to my Lord.”

    “I was depressed, but through the Women of Hope program, I am a new man, and I now know that God is my Saviour.”


    Today we continue to speak hope and healing into these countries through broadcasts, prayer groups, bible studies, prison ministry, visiting the sick, evangelism, skills training and literacy programs. The TWR Women of Hope teams are demonstrating the love of Christ through words and deeds, and many women are learning to rise above their circumstances, to find their worth in Christ and to be joy-filled in the midst of suffering. Thank you for your partnership!