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  • Aug30Fri

    September 2019 TWR Women of Hope Prayer Calendar

    August 30, 2019 By the TWR Women of Hope Ministry Team

    Praying for Those Affected by Poverty

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    God has a heart for the poor, the lowly, the crushed in spirit. Our cries to him for help are not ignored. With Adam and Eve’s choice to sin came broken relationships with God, along with corruption and war within our families and societies. Death, sickness and brokenness came to our bodies. Even the earth groaned with its natural disasters, drought, famine and floods.

    But God did not leave us alone in our poverty and despair. God walks with us through our times of difficulty and need. He gives us strength in him to persevere. The Scriptures reveal that God is “a refuge for the poor, a refuge for the needy in their distress, a shelter from the storm and a shade from the heat” (Isa. 25:4). As listeners hear Women of Hope programs all over the globe, they are being directed to the Lord who sees them and hears and acts on their behalf.

    God sometimes provides for our needs directly when we ask him, “Give us this day our daily bread” (Matt. 6:11). But God often calls on his children to meet the needs of those around them. As TWR Women of Hope intercessors, we join our brothers and sisters around the world who cry out for life’s basic needs. God calls us to pray faithfully and take action, to “loose the chains of injustice and untie the cords of the yoke, to set the oppressed free and break every yoke … to share your food with the hungry and to provide the poor wanderer with shelter – when you see the naked, to clothe them” (Isa. 58:6-8).

    Just as we pray for those in poverty, let us give of our money, time and abilities to help bring food, clean water, sanitation, education, health care, electricity, jobs, and the news of God’s love and salvation to those in need.

    God has a heart for the poor. Pray that those in great need would have their eyes opened to see that the greatest need of all is God.

    Please pray for …

    1. Those listening to Women of Hope programs to know that God cares for them and that he will give them the strength, courage and determination to get through even the most difficult circumstances.

    2. Relief organizations and governments to hold officials accountable for the appropriate use of all money, food and supplies given to help people suffering because of extreme poverty, refugee conditions and natural disasters.

    3. A group of impoverished widows in India to receive salvation and be materially provided for. They recently heard the gospel and received blankets, bedsheets, towels and saris from TWR Women of Hope teams.

    4. The elderly, disabled and female heads of households in South Korea who face high levels of poverty, and pray for the defectors from North Korea who flee food shortages and an authoritarian government.

    5. Turkey’s economic crisis, which has resulted in food shortages and unemployment. Fear and pressure are causing many to search for new life. Praise God for 10 people who accepted Christ through the Women of Hope broadcasts.

    6. Believers of all income levels to have thankful hearts as they rely on God for their material security. May they pursue what God requires and desires them to do and not seek employment just for the money to resolve their problems.

    7. The faith of the poor to be strengthened as we pray, “Has not God chosen those who are poor in the eyes of the world to be rich in faith and to inherit the kingdom he promised those who love him?” (James 2:5)

    8. Students, single parents and the elderly in France who find it difficult to make ends meet. Many are working multiple jobs due to low wages and are turning to charities to supply their food.

    9. TWR Women of Hope team members and intercessors providing skills training, financial counseling, health-care seminars or gifts of food and clothing to those in need.

    10. Women in Ethiopia who are struggling to survive and need ways of generating income. Some gather wood from the forest to sell for less than the cost of a single meal. (Ps. 70:5)

    11. Women of Hope Nepal listeners who, in addition to spiritual instruction, are receiving income-generating skill training in shoemaking, sewing and tailoring.

    12. The thousands of prostitutes in Germany, mostly from poor Eastern European countries, to be rescued from their poverty and reached through the Hidden Treasures audio series.

    13. Women inmates in Paraguay who listen to Women of Hope and pray together. Praise God for this ministry and ask that they may find work and Christian support when released. 

    14. The hearts of the Church to be softened toward the plight of the poor. “Whoever shuts their ears to the cry of the poor will also cry out and not be answered” (Prov. 21:13).

    15. The more than 3 million Venezuelans who have left their country due to violence and shortages of food and medicine. Over 1 million have fled to neighbouring Colombia. (Ps. 12:5) 

    16. More radios, MP3 players and other media devices to be provided for women who are unable to afford them but are eager to listen to Women of Hope.

    17. Major strides to be made in eliminating the causes of global poverty, including unemployment, social exclusion and high vulnerability to disasters, diseases and other threats.

    18. Women and children living amid extreme poverty and in need of food, clean water, proper sanitation, safe housing, health care and an adequate income.

    19. Employers in Albania to fear God and pay their employees every month. Many workers are waiting two to three months to receive their pay – only to see it all go toward debt. 

    20. Impoverished refugees who live on the streets and beg for money. Many women and children are forced into prostitution or marrying older men for money. (Ps. 82:3-4)

    21. Widely reported corruption in Kenya to be controlled. Almost 50% of the population lives in abject poverty. Pray for women to find employment to feed their families. (Ps. 35:10) 

    22. The people of Somalia who face extreme poverty due to an unstable central government, civil disputes and floods and droughts.

    23. The people of Uruguay who face low-wage jobs, expensive services, a high homeless population and an increasing immigrant population. 

    24. All the Rwandans who are in need to be reached by their government’s efforts to reduce poverty. Praise God for the strides made. 

    25. Those in Poland who are impoverished due to individual life situations and for the masses who are barely living above the subsistence level.

    26. The 783 million people living below the international poverty line of US$1.90 a day, more than half of whom are in sub-Saharan Africa.

    27. Poor and oppressed women in Serbia who often lack support and opportunities to develop themselves through education and employment. 

    28. The 844 million people worldwide who lack access to safe water and the 2.3 billion people who lack access to toilets. 

    29. Educational opportunities to increase for the Roma people in Bulgaria. More than 68% of the Roma find themselves impoverished due to low educational levels.

    30. Those in Ukraine who are unemployed, raising families on extremely low incomes or forced to leave the country in search of work. Pray that they will have hope in Jesus amid their difficult situations.

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