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  • Feb9Fri

    More than the World's Version of Love

    February 9, 2018 by the TWR Canada Women's Ministry Team
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    February is the month of least that’s what our culture tells us. There is much made of Valentine’s Day, and we think of hearts, chocolates and romantic words. But to believers, love is something so much more than what the world proclaims it to be. Scripture is full of references of love. God’s Word teaches us what love looks like, of Christ’s amazing love for us and how we are to demonstrate that love. Most importantly, the Word shows us how God demonstrated his love to us…while we were still sinners he sent his son (Romans 5:8). At great sacrifice, his son left heaven to become our sacrificial lamb. The price was higher than we can ever imagine, yet because of his great love for us, the Lord willingly provided what we so desperately needed. He gave us Jesus as our Saviour.

    TWR Women of Hope is committed to sharing this amazing love of Jesus Christ to women worldwide. We praise God that he is softening hearts and bringing many into his kingdom. Below are two testimonies from women in Southeast Asia, the focus of our prayers this month.

    From a Women of Hope listener in Cambodia: “I am 60 years old. I am a seller in a small market. Every morning, when I open my small shop, I pray to God for help with my selling. Every Sunday I go to church, and each week I join the women’s group to listen to the Women of Hope program. Thank God for his blessings to my family and for my health too. Sometimes, I tell the good news of Jesus to my customers and villagers.

    “Today, I was very happy to join with my church members, villagers and TWR-Cambodia. The lesson was good as you shared about love as God tells us in Bible. In the past, I didn’t love others, was less helpful, and I was often angry with my sons and my customers. After finishing this lesson, I understand the meaning of love, that I need to help others who are in need, to forgive as God forgave me, to be kind and love others as myself.

    Women of Hope is the best program for women and men. I like to listen to it because I always get knowledge and encouragement. I get new knowledge to educate my sons and tell them about Jesus too. I feel closer to my church members after I listen to the program with them as we can share what we have learned from the program. More than that, I have good relationships with villagers and church members. Please pray for my sons and for my health.”

    From a Women of Hope listener in Myanmar: “First of all, I pray always for you all to be blessed abundantly! Through an MP3 player, I listened to the message about "the Potter" from the Sgaw Karen language Women of Hope program. This message was very beneficial to me. The conclusion of this message says that God is able to take care of us much more than we do. This is indeed true. Nothing can be achieved without God's help. I am blessed abundantly with God's love, and I am living with only God's strength. I have no strength on my own. Our prayer group members are always praying for you all. Please also pray for our prayer group. God gives me time and opportunity because I came to know that He loves me. I am trying to serve God in his ministry with all my heart and soul. May God's blessings shower upon all of you! Praying for you all!”