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  • Jun14Fri

    Men are Listening Too!

    June 14, 2019 By the TWR Canada Women's Ministry Team
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    One of the great things about mass media is that it can go anywhere and be heard by anyone. So, while TWR Women of Hope is a ministry specifically for women, there is nothing stopping anyone from listening to the broadcasts … including men! And this does happen. It is not uncommon that we hear from men who are also listening and finding salvation through the Women of Hope broadcasts. 

    As we celebrate Father’s Day in a couple of days, let’s take a minute and praise God for the men in our lives and most importantly for God the Father. Let’s also praise him for these male listeners of our broadcasts. He is changing hearts and lives for eternity!

     “You say that Women of Hope is a program for women. I am a man, but I like this program. For me, it is a very beautiful program where the subjects are interesting for everyone.”  (Listener in the Ivory Coast)

    An active male listener to Women of Hope from Ethiopia told us that his life has changed through the program’s teachings: “I and my family are always blessing you who are serving in TWR Women of Hope. God bless you and your family. Before I came to Jesus through your radio program, my life was very dry, but now through your radio ministry, the Holy Spirit has renewed my life.”

    Another Ethiopian man shared his story. He is very old and sick; his wife is not a Christian. She doesn't allow him to listen to our radio program, but he is listening wisely. He frequently calls the TWR office requesting prayer. He tells us that our radio program is helping a lot of people like him who have been bedridden for many years and months. 

    We praise God that men are listening to the Women of Hope program and that they too are finding hope and salvation in Christ. May the Lord continue to use these men for his glory.