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    January 2018 TWR Women of Hope Prayer Calendar

    December 21, 2017 by the TWR Women of Hope Ministry Team
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    TWR Women of Hope Prayer Calendar
    2018 January
    Praying for Women in South Asia

    If Jesus were to return to earth for a day, he might choose to walk among the poor in South Asia. There, as he did in ancient Palestine, he could touch the lives of widows, orphans and mothers. TWR Women of Hope team members in this region are the hands and feet of Jesus. They distribute food and needed items in flood-ravaged areas of Nepal and poor villages in India. They secretly meet with listeners in Pakistan and provide words of hope to women in Afghanistan.

    South Asia is a dangerous place for women and girls. Domestic violence, cruelty to widows, child marriage, dowry deaths, trafficking, rapes and sex-selection abortions are cultural practices that are destroying lives in Afghanistan, India, Nepal and Pakistan. Educating girls is not a priority, and girls who attend school are frequently attacked and ridiculed.

    Legal age limits for marriage are often ignored. In many cases, young girls are forced to marry much older men. Child brides often become very young mothers and then widows who are shamed if they remarry. In India, where nearly 40 million widows live, many support themselves by begging and prostitution.

    Some South Asia leaders and foreign organizations are trying to improve the lives of women, but the task of changing cultural practices and worldviews is enormous. Adding to the struggle for survival in South Asia are the limited number of clinics and health-care workers in rural areas, pollution and overpopulation in the large cities, and war and drug addiction.

    Freedom of religion, even if granted by law, is not a reality for most Christians in South Asia. People charged with proselytizing risk fines and imprisonment, not to mention devastating violence from their neighbours and family members.

    TWR Women of Hope brings hope in Jesus to women in South Asia through prayer and media that address their physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

    Please pray for ...

    1.    Women in South Asia to understand that Jesus Christ loves them and offers them hope and healing. Praise the Lord for those who have come to Christ through TWR’s PANI ministry (Pakistan, Afghanistan and North India); pray that they will be strengthened in their new faith.

    2.    Strength and wisdom for the TWR Women of Hope team members for various languages in India: Deena, Dipali, Sneha and Malabika for Assamese; Indrani, Maitri, Ruma, Malaya, Sandhya, Krishna, Balaka, Purnya, Stella, Mita, Ratna, Minakshi, Mitali, Rumi, Rima and Sumita for Bengali; Evangelina, Rekha, Snehlata, Ila and Neha for Gujarati; Meena, Mona, Reena, Christine and Kanta for Hindi; Abhilasha, Ashwini, Rekha and Rosy for Indian English; Rosy, Mabel, Elizabeth and Sunita for Kannada; Sisy, Susy and Shirly for Malayalam; Parisuta, Jemima, Kalyani, Bijaya, Sanjuprabha, Nibedita, Prasanna and Jena for Oriya; Angelina, Surinder, Vinita, Smrita, Ruth and Gurwinder for Punjabi; Thangam, Jessica, Esther, Jessie, Rani, Dorothy, Juliet, Vasantha, Pricilla, Kaarunya and Sheela for Tamil; and Lily, Suma, Prasana and P. Sujatha for Telugu. They face many challenges.

    3.    Women who cannot read and consequently must learn through oral communication. Audio programming is a valuable tool for these women and their families. Women of Hope teaches vital health information, practical relationship advice, and godly principles using radio, the internet and other media devices.

    4.    Groups of women in India, Nepal and Pakistan meeting to listen to the Women of Hope programs, discuss the topics, encourage each other and pray together.

    5.    Protection and dignity for women and little girls in India and Nepal, where abortion, infanticide, rape, dowry deaths and human trafficking are common tragedies. “Defend the cause of the weak and fatherless; maintain the rights of the poor and oppressed. Rescue the weak and needy; deliver them from the hand of the wicked” (Psalm 82:3-4).

    6.    Women in India to stand against the cultural and family pressures to produce sons, an obligation that often leads them to abort their baby girls or to kill them soon after they are born.

    7.    Health and safety for all TWR Women of Hope staff and volunteers in South Asia. Pray also for their families.

    8.    New mothers to understand that their early breast milk provides protective antibodies and essential nutrients, acting as a first “natural” immunization for newborns, strengthening their immune systems and reducing the chances of death.

    9.    The needed funds to continue to produce the Women of Hope program in 15 South Asian languages and to possibly provide it in other languages in the future.

    10.    Authorities to protect Christians in South Asia as well as their homes, churches, schools and orphanages. Pray for Christians who have been raped, beaten and burned and for the families of those who have been killed.

    11.    The Nepali TWR Women of Hope team (Sarita, Tulsa, Krishna, Boby, Kalpana, Shanti, Prapti, Uma, Kanchhi, Rekha, Anugrah, and Bina). Pray that listeners will learn about God and receive healthy nutritional and relational information to better their lives.

    12.    Nepali women who have been abandoned by their husbands because they have not produced a male child. Pray that the women will know that God will never leave them and that he will always love and care for them.

    13.    Nepali girls as young as 5 who are sold by family members into slavery as house servants in India and China. Many of them are forced to work long hours day and night, fed very little and forced to sleep on the floor. Pray also for girls who are sold to brothels, raped, tortured, and forced to service many men every day.

    14.    People of Nepal who lost their houses, cattle and crops during earthquakes and floods. Pray for more resources for the TWR Nepal office and for the continued safety of the staff traveling to remote areas with gifts of food, bedding, soap, radios and other needed items.

    15.    Nepal’s families trapped in poverty with little hope of a better future. Pray that many will hear of Christ’s love for them and the dignity he offers them as children of God.

    16.    TWR Women of Hope staff to be able to continue to conduct education and skills training for women.

    17.    Mothers in South Asia to know that their daughters are precious and deserve to be protected, treated with dignity and loved. Pray also that mothers-in-law would cherish their daughters-in-law and teach their sons and grandchildren to respect them also.

    18.    Young married women in South Asia who face the threat of being burned alive, beaten to death or driven to commit suicide because of the horrible mistreatment they receive from husbands and in-laws. Pray that the cultural acceptance (even by many women) of this violence won’t be tolerated.

    19.    South Asian women and girls from other religions to hear the truth of God’s Word and experience the peace he offers them. Pray for those who are bound by demonic forces and witchcraft and need freedom through Christ Jesus.

    20.    The Women of Hope programs in the Pashto, Punjabi and Urdu languages to be heard by many in Afghanistan and Pakistan and to be available on the internet for those dispersed around the globe. Pray for more women phone counselors who understand the Islamic worldview to be available to respond to listeners who call with questions.

    21.    Women struggling with depression to experience that the Lord is close to the brokenhearted and that he saves those who are crushed in spirit (Psalm 34:18).

    22.    The many families that have been devastated by the drug trade in Afghanistan. Many Afghan women use drugs as an escape from the grim reality of immense suffering and loss. Some sell their children to support their addictions.

    23.    Job opportunities for Afghan widows. The average age of Afghan widows is 35, and 94 percent of them are illiterate. Most of the widows have several children to support. “Yet I am poor and needy; may the Lord think of me. You are my help and my deliverer; O my God, do not delay” (Psalm 40:17).

    24.    People in Afghanistan and Pakistan to have the freedom to choose their religion, express personal beliefs, distribute literature and listen to Christian radio programs. Radios are abundant, and the programs about God’s redeeming love and mercy can reach into homes of women who live in isolation and fear. Pray that these women will know the truth and that the truth will set them free (John 8:32).

    25.    Government officials and Christians to reach out to poor, marginalized women, helping them to provide their children with the necessities of life, an education and freedom to pursue happiness and dignity.

    26.    Listeners to be able to understand the concepts of grace, forgiveness and repentance (Eph. 2:8-9).

    27.    The Holy Spirit to encounter leaders in South Asia in a supernatural way to reveal Jesus, as the Spirit did with Saul. Pray for the Spirit of God to open blind eyes, soften hearts, convict of sin and generate new life (Acts 9:3-6).  

    28.    Girls and women in South Asia to be allowed to go to school so they can better care for their families. There are few professionally trained teachers in the rural areas and very few female teachers available to teach the girls.

    29.    Informed leaders in South Asia to educate policymakers, media personnel, employers and society concerning the value of women and baby girls so that harmful cultural practices would change.

    30.    More qualified female midwives, obstetricians and gynecologists to greatly improve health services for women and save the lives of pregnant mothers and their babies in South Asia.

    31.    Wisdom and more training for TWR Women of Hope volunteers and staff who counsel and teach Women of Hope listeners and intercessors, many of whom are extremely poor, live in dreadful conditions and understand little about Jesus Christ’s love for them.