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  • Jun10Fri

    God Still Has a Plan

    June 10, 2022 By the TWR Women of Hope Ministry Team
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    How do you live with HIV/AIDS? How do you overcome the stigma and fear of this disease? I’d like to share with you how God helped me on my journey.  

    My name is Pudensiana, and I live here in Zanzibar. I’m married, am blessed with one child, but I live with HIV/AIDS.  When I was diagnosed as HIV/AIDS positive, my life was filled with fear and anxiety. I even had to leave my job because of the judgment and stigma that I felt from this diagnosis. I have never felt so powerless, and honestly was just waiting to die. Would I ever reach any of my life dreams or accomplish any of my goals? I thank God for the medical treatments available to those of us who suffer with HIV/AIDS. I also benefitted from counselling and was educated through awareness workshops. Little by little, I regained my strength, not only of body, but also of soul. Now I am living a life full of hope. My life is being restored and I believe that my dreams can still come true. 

    I am grateful that now I can face and tackle all the challenges since my diagnosis of being HIV/AIDS positive. I’m thankful that I am growing closer to God as I worship with our church choir and receiving help by listening to the Women of Hope programs. I am now confident to teach and help other women who face identical challenges because of their being HIV/AIDS positive. I can share that they should stand firm in their belief in Jesus. Life is not over for them yet and God still has a plan for them.

    The Women of Hope programs have even helped me in the upbringing of my child. I can say that my life has been dramatically improved because of these programs. I’m living a happy life – one that is not filled with grief or pain anymore. May God bless all the people who work to make these programs available to us.