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  • Aug25Fri

    From Brokenness to Hope: Drita’s Story

    August 25, 2017 By the TWR Canada Women’s Ministry Team
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    Drita* came from a small city in Albania. At 17, her parents arranged her marriage to a 17 year old boy she didn’t know. On the day of her wedding, he began mistreating her badly and was violent to her. Two years later, after experiencing violence almost every day, she became pregnant and had their first son. A year later, she got pregnant again and had a second son. Drita was hoping that with the birth of sons her husband would act like a grown-up, and he would stop being violent. But it didn’t happen.

    Six years later she gave birth to another son, and the situation at home continued. When his father came home, the older son tried to calm him down or to prepare a coffee for him so he would not be angry with them. Sometimes the husband asked the two older sons to beg on the roads and to bring money for him so he could drink or smoke. He continued to beat Drita because she didn’t give him money for drinks.

    One day her husband beat the second son very badly. She called the police and got a protection order for herself and for the children for six months. Her husband went to prison for six months. After finishing his time in prison, he came back and started to beat Drita again.

    She needed to escape so she took her three sons and moved in another country, where she lived for almost eight months in an immigration camp. Before leaving Albania, however, her cousin told her about Jesus. Drita said that even though she didn’t really know who God was, while she was in the immigration camp she was hoping and praying to God to put her in a place or city where she could find a church.

    During her time in the immigration camp, a lady came and talked to the children about Jesus. They didn’t speak the same language but they understood her love and compassion. This lady was very lovely and nice to the family. She invited them to come in the church. Drita and her sons were touched by the love and the kindness of the people in the church. Her sons began to speak the language of their host country, and she told her story to the people of the church. They were amazed by how Drita had been so strong and had endured so much for the sake of her children.

    Drita returned to Albania, where she found a church she could attend. She needed a job but was unable to find one. She took a cooking course in the hopes she could then find a job and earn money to feed her family.

    The TWR Women of Hope team gave Drita a food package and a solar radio. Even before receiving the radio, she listened to our Women of Hope programs. She told the team that the radio programs helped her grow in the Lord. She was very thankful for the gifts and for the prayers of women all around the world. She acknowledged that prayer is the only hope for her; she has seen God in action when she prayed. Now that she knows about TWR Women of Hope, she said she will also pray for others who do not know God.  

    Drita’s circumstances may not have changed, but she has experienced Christ’s provision, his faithfulness and his love. Where once she was broken and hopeless, now she has the hope of Christ.

    *not her real name or picture