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    Addicted to the Bible

    January 12, 2018 By the TWR Women of Hope Ministry Team
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    A woman in Myanmar writes, “I used to have a negative attitude and criticized people. I was obsessed with foreign movies and watched them instead of doing my chores.” Then she tuned in to the Burmese Women of Hope program.

    Lead producer “Auntie Chit” and the TWR Women of Hope team are a part of the lives of Burmese listeners. Through the Women of Hope program, they provide practical advice and spiritual counselling. Listeners interact with the hosts online and by correspondence through letter, text messages and phone. The team travels throughout the country, visiting listeners and churches who fast and pray fervently for women around the world.

    After hearing the program, this listener examined her life. “I realized I was wasting my time. Now I take part in a Bible-reciting contest at church. I learn the Scripture while I’m cooking or feeding the livestock, and I avoid television even when my family is watching. I am addicted only to the Bible.”

    “To my delight,” she writes, “my mind hasn’t been distracted but is now connected with God. I didn’t win the recitation prize, but I am not disappointed, because my memory is not good. I am forgetful, but I encourage myself to keep learning and pray God will give me the memory.”

    She feels unable to express her gratitude to TWR Women of Hope. “I pray for my family and church to connect with God more this year than the last. I am thankful to all the presenters of the Burmese Women of Hope program. I promise you that, from now on, I am correcting myself and will continue correcting forever, to live a good life.”

    (article originally published in “The Heartbeat,” Volume 20, Number 3)