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    Tools for disciplemakers walking with people on life's difficult paths

    Potential Lesson List

    Samples Complete

    1. Pathway Through Anger
    2. Pathway Through Grief
    3. Pathway to Hope (Overcoming Discouragement and Despair)

    Proposed Next Topics

    1. Pathway Through Victimhood
    2. Pathway Through Pain and Suffering
    3. Pathway Through Guilt
    4. Pathway Through Shame
    5. Pathway Through Fear
    6. Pathway to Peace (Overcoming Anxiety and Worry)
    7. Pathway to Love (Overcoming Loneliness and Rejection)
    8. Pathway to Joy (Overcoming Sadness and Discouragement)
    9. Pathway to Contentment (Overcoming Jealousy, Envy and Comparison)
    10. Pathway to Faith (Overcoming Doubt and Idolatry)
    11. Pathway to Identity (Overcoming Self-Doubt and Insecurity)
    12. Pathway to Purity and Faithfulness (Overcoming Sexual Temptation, Cheating and Pornography)

    Potential Future Topics

    1. Pathway to Forgiveness and Reconciliation
    2. Pathway to Faith (Overcoming Doubt and Uncertainty)
    3. Pathway Through Substance Abuse and Addiction
    4. Pathway Through Difficult Relationships
    5. Pathway Through Infertility
    6. Pathway Through Selfishness and Greed 
    7. Pathway Through Perfectionism

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