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Quebec Canada

"The other day, we received a call on the Hope Line - from Mauritania! Well, in all actuality, it was several calls: five short conversations of two to three minutes each. The phone line kept cutting out, and during these mini-conversations, he stood on the street by his shop. There was a lot of background noise. He called because after reading a commentary on the book of Revelation, he wanted to place his faith in Christ. This commentary opened his eyes to the errors of the Islamic faith, such as the impossibility of a genuine relationship with God as well as the wrongness of violence propagated in the name of Islam. He had counted the cost and was very aware of potential dangers that could result after converting to Christianity as a Mauritanian. He planned to change his name – desiring a name that clearly identified him as a Christian, and he decided upon John. We started to pray together. However, once again, the call was dropped, and he did not call back." – A report from out partner in Quebec