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Impact Stories

Quebec Canada

“Ms. M-G is a 70-year-old woman who watches the Parole Vivante television show. She called for the first time back in November and then again in December. She requested a copy of The JESUS Film and a book. I started asking questions, digging a little deeper. After awhile, I told her about new birth in Christ: how one becomes a child of God and Jesus as the one way to God. I quoted John 3:16. It was as though the Holy Spirit was inspiring each word I spoke. She listened and seemed to understand. I am convinced God had already revealed himself to Ms. M-G through our programs. God is always about his work, drawing people to himself, his Spirit convincing them he is who he says he is. I asked if she wanted me to pray with her and if she wanted to invite Jesus into her life. She accepted. As we concluded our conversation that day, she told me that she longed to speak with others who were interested in spiritual things. A week later, I telephoned Ms. M-G to invite her to a Breakfast of Hope, and she accepted. At the breakfast, she listened attentively to the testimony, with unabashed interest. At one point, she smiled at me and softly whispered, “Thank you.” At the breakfast, she again heard another prayer of salvation and she prayed again, confirming her recent decision to follow Christ. All glory to our merciful Father!” - as told by one of the Aujourd'hui l'Espoir Hope Line volunteers