Salvation that Comes from Christ - Trans World Radio Canada

Our Impact

"Binod publicly proclaimed his faith in 2011, without really accepting Jesus as his personal saviour. Born and brought up as a Christian, he never considered repentance essential to his belief. He eventually got into bad company and enjoyed worldly pleasures and spent more than 5 years in physical sickness. He fell prey to diseases, and was left all alone as his friends refused to associate with him any further. A staff member from TWR India visited him and spoke to him about the salvation that comes only from Christ. Binod repented and accepted Christ as his personal saviour, while listening to the ‘Langmani Khorang’ program. He has now given up his old habits and has become a youth leader in his local church. He has also formed a new radio home group with a few youngsters and their families. He is grateful to TWR India’s ministry for providing him with materials that help him access the Living Word of God."