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Impact Stories

Quebec Canada
“I was following up with a man who repeatedly contacts Aujourd'hui l'Espoir, requesting the free spiritual resources we offer. In fact, I can’t count the number of times I’ve already delivered this man literature. Finally, after having spoken to him on the phone several times, I asked him if he was born again. He said that yes, he was saved. I continued, asking him if he attended an evangelical church, to which he replied that he didn’t. I then explained how God thinks that local church attendance is important because it provides his followers with a place to both grow and serve. Several months later, he phoned me to tell me that I was right, and that he was ready to begin attending church. Over the past few weeks, his attendance had been very consistent, and he is happy. He is a true child of God.” - as told by one of the Aujourd'hui l'Espoir Hope Line volunteers