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Impact Stories


Changed My Life
"I had the privilege of listening to the Thru the Bible program and it changed my life."
The Holy Spirit Inspires
 "I quoted John 3:16. It was as though the Holy Spirit was inspiring each word I spoke. She listened and seemed to understand."
Ready Now
"She asked him to suggest an evangelical church for her to attend, because she is now ready to give her life to Jesus, to attend church and  follow the Lord in believer’s baptism."
Released from the Law's Bondage
"Together, they had finally been released from the law’s bondage, have now found true freedom in Christ! Glory to God!"
Mrs. G
"A journey through the Bible with Mrs. G is a Bible School study, excellent in every way."
Sustaining Your Faith in God
"She absolutely wanted to point out that during this very difficult period, lasting almost four years, it was our TV show Parole Vivante that sustained her and kept her faith in God, and the relaxed atmosphere that emerges from these shows was for her a blessing and comforting."
Ready to Attend Church
"Several months later, he phoned me to tell me that I was right, and that he was ready to begin attending church."
Comfort and Light
"Thank you for these programs. They are a comfort and a light in my life."
The Hope Line
"The other day, we received a call on the Hope Line ..."
Different Lenses
"... I will definitely read the Bible with different lenses... "