Impact - Trans World Radio Canada


Greetings from Argentina!
“I greet you from Santa Rosa, La Pampa, Argentina.  I listened to your program..."
The Most Important Message
"Dear brothers, God bless you infinitely, and thank you for such a noble task of teaching, tirelessly and perseveringly, the most important message humanity needs - the holy Word of God."
A Light
"Radio Trans Mundial was the light here in Venezuela when there were no Christian radio stations."
Hungry for God
"Cuba is opening, and people are still hungry for God.”
A Strong Signal
"Since you increased the power, I was trying to find you. I finally did tonight. The signal was strong here in St. Vincent."
Listening in the Middle of the Street
"They really liked them and promptly began to listen to the Word of God right there in the middle of the street while conducting their business."
Blessings for All
"Blessings from a faithful Radio Trans Mundial listener from a very young age as that is what my father used to listen to. Blessing for all."
Joy and Peace
"I feel a lot of joy and peace when I listen to Radio Trans Mundial."
Nutrition for our Faith
"In those years Radio Trans Mundial was a source of nutrition for our faith."
Let the Neighbours Hear
"Radika listens to hers at full volume on her balcony so the neighbours will hear."