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Our Impact

Spiritual Food
I keep every program in my heart."
Good Programs
"Could you please create more programs about the church and Sunday school? You make very good programs."
Great Pictures
"I really like your great pictures because they have a deep meaning."
Opening a Roma House Community
"There they have opened a Roma house community."
Christian Radio is Critical
"Christian radio and home visits are critical for families like this one."
Important Issues of Life
"There are many temptations, but when I read what you post, it makes me think about the really important issues of life."
The Roma Church is Growing
"Our Lord Jesus is currently building his Church among this people group. Interestingly, while the Church in Europe is largely in decline, the Roma Church is growing."
A Door To Proclaiming the Kingdom
The Voice of Truth is a door to proclaiming the Kingdom of God to the Roma people.”
“I express my gratitude on behalf of all the grannies of Ukraine."
I Listen to Everything
“I like the programs for grownups too. I listen to everything. The ones for children are interesting because there are songs and other children participate."