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Our Impact

Great Mercy
"He freed me from all addictions. Now I have peace and I am free from the shame and hatred. God renewed my marriage, gave me a good job. I praise him because his mercy was so great to my sinful heart.”
The Only Saviour
I heard from a friend about Christ, the only Saviour.
Increased Knowledge, Faith and Love
 "My faith and love toward God increased in this conference."
The Lord's Saints and Children
"As I grow older in my faith, I better understand how important and lovely it is to be with our Lord's saints and children; how powerful it is just to talk to them, listen to them and feel the power of the Spirit in them which is in us too."
Sharing with Family
"We both love Jesus Christ and we are listening to your programs because my mom always listened to your programs and she shared with us everything she learned from them."
Feel at Peace
"I have felt lost, but I feel at peace with Christianity."
Understanding Christianity
"I’m a Christian now! I am understanding what this means everyday while listening to your program!"
Drawn to the Messiah
“I am a teenager from a Muslim family, I read the Gospel when I was a teenager and I felt drawn to the Messiah."
Moved My Soul
"It’s a wonderful program that moved every bit of my soul. I’m learning a lot about the Lord through your program."
Listening and Working
"I’m a handy man. You can see me working in one hand and holding the small radio I have with the other one."