Our Impact

Travel by Car
"I listen to your programs whenever I travel by car."
Encouragement to Grow
"We want to hear more of such programs, which encourage us to grow."
Spiritual Encouragement and Practical Advice
"I personally profit from the spiritual encouragement and practical advice, which is passed on in the broadcasts."
Growing in Faith
"I have learned a lot and am growing in my faith."
Answering Questions
"It is amazing how I got answers to my questions through your radio program."
Only Place to Grow
"For someone like me who has no other place to grow in my faith and find answers to my questions, TTB is amazing."
Worshiping Our Lord
"I always enjoy listening to it and worshiping our Lord."
My Best Friend
"For the past 18 years, Radio Voice of the Gospel has been my best friend.”
Listening for Hours
"I am listening to your program sometimes three to four hours a day."
Saved Through Jesus Christ
"I gave my heart to Jesus Christ after reading the Bible and realizing I’m a big sinner and the only way I can be saved is through Jesus Christ."