Our Impact

Former Buddhist Listener
"I am a former Buddhist listener. I have been listening to your program for years."
Introducing your Program to Others
"I am introducing your program to others. I also listen to your programs on Facebook too."
Comforted my Heart
"This program has comforted my heart. Thank you."
The Scenario is Changing
“I began a radio home group, and at first people were so busy and not at all interested in listening to the radio programs. Now, however, the scenario is changing."
Effective Radio Home Groups
"I am very impressed with the radio home groups and their effectiveness in the growth of the church. Because of this, I have divided my church into 40 small groups and am running 40 radio home groups."
Hope in Jesus Christ
"While I was listening to your 'Radio is still Young' episode, I heard the presenter mention that "There is hope in Jesus Christ." That word has touched my heart deeply."
Growing Interest
"In the very beginning people were not very interested in listening to the radio program but slowly their interest has grown."
Jesus Saved Me
"I believe in Jesus Christ after listening to the program. Jesus saved me. Jesus Christ is the only way to go to heaven."
Learn New Things
"This program helps me to learn many things that I don’t know about Lord Jesus Christ."
My Own Language
"I can't speak Nepali well because I'm not properly educated, so I'm happy that TWR broadcasts programs in my own language. It helps me to come closer to God and to walk in faith."