Our Impact

Answering Questions
"Today's program was really good. The pastor teaches it in a very good way and we're happy to learn from him. I listen to your program regularly."
Feeling Calm
“I have no hope, because I struggle with depression. However, I heard the Power of the Gospel and I feel somewhat calm.”
God's Unique Book
"I had heard about the Holy Spirit, and today I learned very clearly about him and got to know about him. Thanks a lot!"
Growing Together
"We all feel as if we are sitting in church and God is directly speaking to us."
Heart - Language
"We were pleased to be able to give them the audio players, while they were extremely pleased to hear the stories in their own heart-language.”
More of Jesus
“Almost our entire village has been listening to this Kham radio program about Jesus without missing a single program."
Real Meaning
Through this systematic study, I have come to know the real meaning of following Christ." 
Sharing the Gospel
"Praise God, in due course, they acknowledged Jesus as Lord, growing steadily in spiritual things."
Small Groups

“I went to China to train the staff and some SOTA students in small group Bible study, in order to prepare them for the Bible study camp in April. Due to the new religious policies, many churches put more emphasis on small groups and they...