Our Impact

Overcoming Weakness
"It was under these circumstances that I happened to receive the media player. The Word of God has given me much inspiration, comfort and confidence to overcome all my weaknesses."
God Understands My Needs
"I am an uneducated person and I can't speak the Oriya language, but it is so wonderful to know that God understands my needs and facilitates me to learn his Word in my own native Kui language."
Native Language
"Every day we are listening to the Word of God from the Gospel of Luke, in our native Soura language."
Great Provision
"As I am a pastor without a proper education and no theological training, this is a great provision for me."
"I do not follow Jesus, but I have been listening to your programs for almost two years."
"Now I go door-to-door with my neighbour to share about the radio programs."
Growth of the Church
"I hope it will be very helpful for the growth of the church."
Opened My Eyes
"From the book of Luke, we have come to know about Zechariah and Elizabeth's life. The love and respect they had for each other opened my eyes."
Existing Situation
"It is well suited for the existing situation our country is facing and I learn many things through your program."
Secret Life
"After listening to your program, I feel like I need to share my secret life with you. I was in Dubai for some time and then I came to Sri Lanka, but now I am addicted to heroin."