Impact - Trans World Radio Canada


Nurturing My Faith
"...The programs help me to learn as a new believer, and they are nurturing my faith. I really give thanks for your ministry."
Nurturing Believers
"I realized the importance of the radio home program and used those players to nurture our believers from their homes..."
Love and Compassion
“I am a cobbler. I do not have any work to do during the lockdown. My children and I are living a hard life...”
Rooted in the Word
“Our community is new to Christianity, most of the people are first-generation Christians. I am a pastor to my community, but I too have no formal training and am not rooted in the Word of God..."
Walk by Faith
"We are new Christians. This program is really helpful for our lives..."
Glad to Hear Your Program
"This is the very first time I have listened to this program and I am so glad to hear your program. These days I live alone in my boarding house due to the COVID-19 lockdown..."
A Great Tool to Reach Out
“I live with my family in the forest area and we are a secluded people without much connection with the outside world. The quarantine period has been very hard for us. When I learned that distancing had to be maintained and only those who sold essentials were allowed to be out and interact with people, I decided to set up a makeshift shop and sell essential items..."
We Trust our Lord
"...We continue to pray for the world and Cambodia. We trust our Lord will do it."
A Time Like This
"...The Radio Home program is very useful in a time like this. Now, most of my believers can feed themselves using the Radio Home."
The Word of God Clearly Explained
It is a very good program. You clearly explained the Word of God.