Our Impact - Trans World Radio Canada

Our Impact

Glad to Hear Your Program
"This is the very first time I have listened to this program and I am so glad to hear your program. These days I live alone in my boarding house due to the COVID-19 lockdown..."
A Great Tool to Reach Out
“I live with my family in the forest area and we are a secluded people without much connection with the outside world. The quarantine period has been very hard for us. When I learned that distancing had to be maintained and only those who sold essentials were allowed to be out and interact with people, I decided to set up a makeshift shop and sell essential items..."
We Trust our Lord
"...We continue to pray for the world and Cambodia. We trust our Lord will do it."
A Time Like This
"...The Radio Home program is very useful in a time like this. Now, most of my believers can feed themselves using the Radio Home."
The Word of God Clearly Explained
It is a very good program. You clearly explained the Word of God.
Peace in my Heart
"But when I started reading the magazine Light I found peace in my heart..."
From Anxious to Confident
"I was living an anxious existence without any purpose and I was not fruitful in my life. After I tuned into the Bhojpuri programs, my life began to change..."
Study Through the Radio
"We cannot go to Church or cannot even get together to worship because of the COVID-19 situation, but I thank God for this amazing opportunity he has given us to listen and study the Word of God through radio..."
Listening in Lockdown
"This is the first time I listened to your program. We can't go out of the house due to COVID-19 lockdown..."
Salvation that Comes from Christ
"Binod publicly proclaimed his faith in 2011, without really accepting Jesus as his personal saviour. Born and brought up as a Christian, he never considered repentance essential to his belief..."