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Our Impact

Living Courageously
As I started reading through its pages, a strange calmness gripped my heart. The living words in the magazine strengthened my soul and enabled me to face life courageously...
"She was healed within an hour and a half and we did not have to take her to the hospital."
God With Us
I learned that God will always be with me and love me, no matter what happens in my life...
Jesus the Only Saviour
I found the answer I was looking for through your program. Only Jesus Christ was able to save me from what I am going through...
A Spirit of Understanding
I am a regular listener of the radio programmes and it helps me to build a proper relationship with God...
The Mailman
He was really excited to listen to the gospel as I taught him how to operate it...
Learning Every Detail
l love listening to the HCG program so much, because it tells me every detail of the stories in the Bible...
The Greatest Story Ever
I was excited, as this was something that was heavy on my heart - to share the greatest story ever and to give my people the gift of eternal life.
The Good News
You bring the good news very clearly and very appropriately to the nation of Sri Lanka.
A Life Turned Around
"Since I have been listening to the program my life is turning around."