Our Impact

Significance of the Cedar
"This is the first time I heard the significance of the Cedar Meal and the connection between Jesus Christ and the law (Kuran/OT) given to us by God.”
Overcoming Burdens
"Your drama and the characters of your drama has given me strength to overcome the burden I have been carrying all these years. Thank you very much.
Spiritual Journey
"The SD cards that TWR India provided were the start of my spiritual journey."
Follower of Christ
"I now proudly proclaim that I am a follower of Christ and lead over 20 Radio Home groups.”
Digital Player Distribution
"After that we started giving the players to our contacts and to date we have distributed about 900 digital players.”
Excellent Tool for Evangelism
He realized that the digital players were an excellent tool for evangelism and so he purchased 10 digital players and started giving them out to those who were receptive.
Encouraged by Testimonies
To date, Joy has given away at least 1000 players, and keeps following up with all the recipients and is encouraged by hearing their testimonies.
Real Meaning
Through this systematic study, I have come to know the real meaning of following Christ." 
Growing Together
"We all feel as if we are sitting in church and God is directly speaking to us."
God's Unique Book
"I had heard about the Holy Spirit, and today I learned very clearly about him and got to know about him. Thanks a lot!"