Our Impact - Trans World Radio Canada

Our Impact

Learning About Jesus
"I am 10 years old and I enjoy the program about Jesus..."
Reconciling with Parents
"A young woman named Rachel was in conflict with her parents and could not go home to them because of a marriage problem..."
Bringing the Gospel to Hostile Places
"I thank God because the locations that are hostile to the gospel, where we cannot all have rights to go, the radio can access them."
Immense Love
"I want to thank him for this immense love he has for me; I want to thank Jesus Christ for giving his life on the cross for me."
Only in Jesus
"Today I know and understand that righteousness is only seen in Jesus Christ."
Equipped with the Word
"... a single Bible is enough to pull an entire family to Christ.”
Building Character
"I am so blessed and I cannot wait for more lessons next week."
A Faithful Listener
"You bless me so much."
Opened My Heart
"It has opened my heart to a number of biblical truths."
Hope for our Children
"Thank you for always airing programs for our children. There is hope for our children."