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Impact Stories


God's Wonders are Amazing
"God’s wonders are amazing. I cannot believe he gathered the waters..."
Word of Life
"This broadcast was something else. It is the word of life indeed. We need more of this again. Thanks."
Touched by Your Powerful Message
"I have just listened to your powerful message in this program of Good News for All and I was really touched. I have repented in my heart."
Good and Merciful
"I have just listened to your message which has greatly encouraged me to know that God is good, conscious and merciful..."
God's Invincible Power
"I listened to a program that highlighted God's invincible power in our lives. I was relieved when I prayed with the program presenter; I immediately began to find hope and happiness again..."
Informative and Inspiring
"Your message 'What is a COVID-19 Church?' was so informative and inspiring - it makes me see how important it is to have a home with a strong faith in God and share it with others."
Opened Doors
"...God has opened doors; getting a movement sticker is very hard here but God gave it to me.”
When I Grow Up
"...When I grow up I want to be a doctor. I will treat all children with coronavirus so that they can go to school and go to church every Sunday."
Hope in the Living God
"Today's teaching has allowed me to understand that there are unfounded fears in life. Everyone is afraid of the future. It's really fearful for people who have no hope. How can I have hope if I do not believe in the living God?..."
Won't Miss a Lesson
"...I have bought enough batteries for the radio and made sure it is placed in a quiet room so that he does not miss any lesson.”