Our Impact

Wonderful Message
"I shared the wonderful message with my mother who threatened to destroy the player, but fortunately she came to understand the message and now we are both saved."
Prayer Works!
"Recently my husband, who was unsaved, started listening. You were a large part of his conversion [...] He’s a perfect example of 'never give up praying for someone.'”
Firm in my Faith in Jesus
"I want to change and be firm in my faith in Jesus."
A Changed Heart
"Thanks again for this program. My heart has changed and I ask God to give me the strength to forgive others as his Son has forgiven me."
A Lot of Good
"I listened to you again and I am very happy. Your new program does me a lot of good. Thank you very much for that."
Wisdom and Faith
"The program gives me so much wisdom and faith. I learn so much about the Bible and my children, Christinah and Grace, love to listen to the program."
Closer to God
"Your program of Jesus is the Answer has really helped me to come closer to God and it has helped me to build my family properly."
Good Opportunity
"I praise God for this good opportunity offered to me to hear the Word of God."
Take Action for Christ
"It has been difficult for me to decide to take action for Jesus."
Radio Advisor
"Your messages allowed me to understand the Word of God that I neglected and also now I find that I have made progress in my life of prayer."