Impact - Trans World Radio Canada


Informative and Inspiring
"Your message 'What is a COVID-19 Church?' was so informative and inspiring - it makes me see how important it is to have a home with a strong faith in God and share it with others."
Opened Doors
"...God has opened doors; getting a movement sticker is very hard here but God gave it to me.”
When I Grow Up
"...When I grow up I want to be a doctor. I will treat all children with coronavirus so that they can go to school and go to church every Sunday."
Hope in the Living God
"Today's teaching has allowed me to understand that there are unfounded fears in life. Everyone is afraid of the future. It's really fearful for people who have no hope. How can I have hope if I do not believe in the living God?..."
Won't Miss a Lesson
"...I have bought enough batteries for the radio and made sure it is placed in a quiet room so that he does not miss any lesson.” 
I Love This Show!
"I love the show. I have been to the studio once and I loved it..."
The Word of God is Well Received
..."The Word of God is received even more than when preached in the church buildings. The studio live line and my phone were jammed with calls and messages that overwhelmed me."
Learning About Jesus
"I am 10 years old and I enjoy the program about Jesus..."
Reconciling with Parents
"A young woman named Rachel was in conflict with her parents and could not go home to them because of a marriage problem..."
Bringing the Gospel to Hostile Places
"I thank God because the locations that are hostile to the gospel, where we cannot all have rights to go, the radio can access them."