Our Impact

Amazing Lessons
"I am a plumber and would like to thank you for the amazing lessons you share."
Addressed my Problems
"I was following your program of The Way of Righteousness and I am so happy because it addressed my problems that I carried in my heart for a long time about religions."
"One recipient is playing the program on a loudspeaker for his neighbours to listen."
God is Blessing Me
"I love the Bible Stories Alive program. I see God blessing me and my faith is growing."
Sin Dishonours God
"Your program made me aware of how much our sin dishonours God."
God's Children
"Your words really touched me, especially when you say that the Lord wants us to be his children."
God is in Control
"I am learning that God is in control of my life."
Deepened My Knowledge
"These two programs have really brought me to a new level of belief and have deepened my knowledge in the Word of God."
Growing Spiritually
"May God Almighty bless you! The Bible Stories Alive program really changed my life and I am growing spiritually by the gospel you are giving us."
Exactly Like the Bible
"The stories are exactly the way they are in the Bible and it feels like I am reading through the whole Bible since we began in Genesis."