Our Impact

Full of Peace
"I heard today’s message while I was so tired of my sinful behaviour, but the message you gave brought me to a decision to repent and follow Jesus. I praise God because before I had no peace, but now I feel that my life is full of peace."
Growing Daily
“I am growing daily as l listen to this leadership program and always enjoy sharing my lessons with other leaders. Be blessed.”
Leadership for God's Glory
"I encourage anyone in leadership to listen to this program. Personally, l have been helped in my leadership at church."
Radio Advisor
"Your messages allowed me to understand the Word of God that I neglected and also now I find that I have made progress in my life of prayer."
Saturday Listening
“I listen to this program every Saturday and it helps me very much."
Strengthened in Faith
"Now I am determined to receive him as my Saviour and live for him. So, please pray for me to be forgiven and strengthened in my faith.”