Our Impact

Hope to Learn More
"I listened to your programs from the Temple. I want to thank you and hope to learn more about God from you.”
Prayer Works!
"Recently my husband, who was unsaved, started listening. You were a large part of his conversion [...] He’s a perfect example of 'never give up praying for someone.'”
Wonderful Message
"I shared the wonderful message with my mother who threatened to destroy the player, but fortunately she came to understand the message and now we are both saved."
The Roma Church is Growing
"Our Lord Jesus is currently building his Church among this people group. Interestingly, while the Church in Europe is largely in decline, the Roma Church is growing."
A Door To Proclaiming the Kingdom
The Voice of Truth is a door to proclaiming the Kingdom of God to the Roma people.”
Firm in my Faith in Jesus
"I want to change and be firm in my faith in Jesus."
My Great Companion
"Every night, you were my great companion. I felt God's hand on my life. Your programs were and are a blessing for my life! Thank you, brothers, and sisters."
Drawn to the Messiah
“I am a teenager from a Muslim family, I read the Gospel when I was a teenager and I felt drawn to the Messiah."
A Changed Heart
"Thanks again for this program. My heart has changed and I ask God to give me the strength to forgive others as his Son has forgiven me."
Instant Healing
"We experience instant healing when we pray while listening to the God’s Unique Book program. We thank God and pray for your ministry.”