Our Impact

Answering Questions
"Today's program was really good. The pastor teaches it in a very good way and we're happy to learn from him. I listen to your program regularly."
Best Surprise Ever
"In one of the episodes you read a story about presents and surprises, and you asked whether we like to make them."
Blessing to the Church
"For everyone who has will be given more, and he will have an abundance” so that God’s church can be blessed.”
Comfort and Light
"Thank you for these programs. They are a comfort and a light in my life."
Completely Changed
"Today I am listening to your radio programs. Your radio program is a gift to my life. I am learning a lot by listening to your radio programs. I want to say thank you for what you are doing. Lord bless all of you. Your brother in Christ.”
Daily Listening
“Hello dears. I listen to your radio broadcast every day and it is very helpful in understanding the Bible. Thank you. God bless you.”
Different Lenses
"... I will definitely read the Bible with different lenses... "
Family Listening
“I want to thank you for being on my radio every night ... I have been a listener of this program since I was a child, and a lot of people joined my family to listen."
Feeling Calm
“I have no hope, because I struggle with depression. However, I heard the Power of the Gospel and I feel somewhat calm.”
Finding the Lord
"I thank you for the effort to transmit in Spanish. I met the Lord thanks to you in 1995."