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Impact Stories


Rooted in It

"The impact of this program is great, because the more the children grasp the things of God at an early age, the more they become rooted in it as they grow up."

Help from God

"I need help from God and I want to know and accept Jesus Christ."

Walk in the Light

"After following your program, the Holy Spirit visited me and now I have confessed, repented and live in God’s plan."

Planting Seeds

"May the Lord bless you for such a wonderful program which is impacting life of many little children." 

Stay Encouraged

"I am a Christian and this program is helpful for me to stay encouraged."

Knowledge and Peace

"I regularly listen to this program because it gives me knowledge and peace." 

Only God Can Help

"Veronica recognized that only God can help change her life and her marriage."

The Path to Christ

"I was really inspired by the messages and they showed me the path to Christ."

Strengthen My Walk

"Yesterday’s program on discipleship made me want to fly!"

Rebuild Our Family

"We came here and were 90 per cent convinced we were going to go to the courts and get a divorce. After this last session, we have decided to stay together."