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Our Impact

Learning About Jesus
"I am 10 years old and I enjoy the program about Jesus..."
Salvation that Comes from Christ
"Binod publicly proclaimed his faith in 2011, without really accepting Jesus as his personal saviour. Born and brought up as a Christian, he never considered repentance essential to his belief..."
Improved Confidence
...Now I don't fear sharing the gospel with others. I shared the gospel with a man of a different faith last week and he is willing to accept Christ now. Thank you."
Eagerly in the Presence of God
“My dear friends, how can I thank you for your kindness? I pray the Lord will bless you with health and peace a thousand times. When I read your responses to me, I go eagerly into the presence of God..."
Greetings from Argentina!
“I greet you from Santa Rosa, La Pampa, Argentina.  I listened to your program..."
Reconciling with Parents
"A young woman named Rachel was in conflict with her parents and could not go home to them because of a marriage problem..."
Curious About Jesus
“Sitting in my shop, it is my daily habit to listen to FM radio from morning to late evening. To my surprise, I came across this Bhojpuri program. I liked the songs and the speaker’s presentation in my own heart language, though I did not understand about whom he is talking about..."
Bringing the Gospel to Hostile Places
"I thank God because the locations that are hostile to the gospel, where we cannot all have rights to go, the radio can access them."
Learning to Pray, Study and Trust God
"I have learned how to study God’s Word, how to pray correctly and to trust God always in every situation, never going away from him..."
Deep Peace and Joy
"Through this program, I became interested in studying the Bible more. These programs are full of hope and strength. Through them, I receive a lot of useful information that helps me in my daily life and gives me the deep peace and joy that only Christ can give..."