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Impact Stories


I Listen Again and Again
"I have been listening to your program for almost three years. I record all your programs and listen again and again..."
God's Wonders are Amazing
"God’s wonders are amazing. I cannot believe he gathered the waters..."
Word of Life
"This broadcast was something else. It is the word of life indeed. We need more of this again. Thanks."
Prayer has Power
"I have learned that prayer is a gift from God. We should pray with these four points: praise, confession, thanksgiving, requests. I have learned that prayer has power..."
The Lord Guided Me
"When I started reading the Bible, the Lord guided me to walk in the way of salvation..."
Touched by Your Powerful Message
"I have just listened to your powerful message in this program of Good News for All and I was really touched. I have repented in my heart."
Gained Perspective
"Discipleship Essentials very important for us and I appreciate this initiative..."
A Good Example
"I am from another faith, and for the first time, I listened to Women of Hope..."
I Feel More Peace
"Hello, I wanted to thank you for the programs on Facebook and Instagram, which changed my life and strengthened my faith..."
Good and Merciful
"I have just listened to your message which has greatly encouraged me to know that God is good, conscious and merciful..."