Our Impact

A Changed Heart
"Thanks again for this program. My heart has changed and I ask God to give me the strength to forgive others as his Son has forgiven me."
Instant Healing
"We experience instant healing when we pray while listening to the God’s Unique Book program. We thank God and pray for your ministry.”
“I express my gratitude on behalf of all the grannies of Ukraine."
Food for my Spirit
"I have been listening for about 7 years and it has been and still is food to my spirit every day."
Sharing God's Word
“The SD card player helps me to share God’s Word with my community. The people want to hear the Bible message."
A Lot of Good
"I listened to you again and I am very happy. Your new program does me a lot of good. Thank you very much for that."
I Listen to Everything
“I like the programs for grownups too. I listen to everything. The ones for children are interesting because there are songs and other children participate."
Moved My Soul
"It’s a wonderful program that moved every bit of my soul. I’m learning a lot about the Lord through your program."
Wisdom and Faith
"The program gives me so much wisdom and faith. I learn so much about the Bible and my children, Christinah and Grace, love to listen to the program."
Listening and Working
"I’m a handy man. You can see me working in one hand and holding the small radio I have with the other one."