Impact Stories


A Great Sacrifice

"After listening to this program, I felt that Jesus made a great sacrifice for us and that we should do something for him in return."

Depend on Him

"Through the training, I came to know that only Jesus can give me salvation, and I need to believe and depend on him and follow his lifestyle."

Edified and Educated Me

"The questions and answers from this program have edified and educated me."

Speak for Itself

"When I revised my sermon according to the teacher’s suggestions, I was able to craft a much better sermon outline.” 

Related to Eternal Life

"We struggle with our day-to-day life and we only focus on secular things or things in this life and, because of this, we miss the things related to eternal life."

Wanted to Learn Theology

"Now I have a resource to study the Bible, which will be beneficial." 

A Spiritual Guide

"The Discipleship Essentials French program is a spiritual guide and is training me when it comes to looking after new souls who come to the Lord." 

My Thoughts Are Much Clearer

“I am very grateful to participate in this fellowship. I learned a lot from it."

Peace and Relief

"I accidentally came across your program when I was tuning the radio and praise God!"

A Powerful Tool

"This radio program has caught my curiosity and I think it could be a powerful tool for sharing the gospel in my tribe."