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Impact Stories


A Source of Answers
"After listening to it, I realized that it was not only a source of knowledge, but also a source of answers to many of my questions..."
Determined to Follow Jesus
"So I confess my sins and I am determined to follow Jesus even in this difficult time..."
I Became Brave
"I can see some changes in myself after listening to the program..."
Grateful for His Provision
"I am very grateful for His provision."
Wonderful to Know Jesus
"It is wonderful to know Jesus, and now I know him deeper."
Focus on God
"When you focus on your abilities, you will not win, but if you focus on God, he helps..."
Praise God
"By using the radio home kit, I can share the gospel with my neighbours and people in my church.”
Need the Hope of Christ
"We need the hope of Christ."
Please Guide Me
"Please guide me and help me to know about Jesus..."
Love Your Teachings
"I love your teachings, and today's lesson has allowed me to understand that when we make dangerous and sometimes worthless choices, God sees them..."