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Training Believers

Through training events, discipleship programs and online resources, we train believers to be effective, reproducing Christ-followers.

What started in India has now expanded across Asia. TWR India took the concept of church home groups and adapted that into listener groups called radio home groups. A radio home group typically has 7-10 people who gather regularly to study the Word of God, and fellowship with believers and seekers. Using a radio home kit, the group meets once a week to discuss an audio Bible study in their heart language. A radio home kit consists of a digital player and a SD card containing the audio Bible study content and discussion notes.

In different countries and languages, the programming is different. Sometimes it’s a series of Thru the Bible, other times it’s The Way of Righteousness or The Prophets. In Sri Lanka, the radio home groups use a specially created series, designed for the Sri Lankan radio home groups.

Over the past few years, TWR Canada has funded the distribution of more than 9,000 radio home kits across India and Bangladesh. By the end of 2022, we have committed to distributing an additional 3,800 radio home kits across Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka and other countries.


From Bangladesh: “I was attending the radio home group regularly, and heard many messages on Jesus Christ. At one point, I knew that I was a sinner, and I confessed my sins to Jesus Christ. I put my hope that Jesus would forgive my sins, and I received him as my personal Saviour and Lord. Please pray for my family as I am the only believer in my family."

From Sri Lanka: "I am a pastor of a rural church. The radio home program is such a blessing for a church like ours because we are located in a strong Buddhist and rural area. I tried so many times to start prayer and Bible studies on the weekdays but it never worked. But with this radio home program, I was able to fulfill that need."

In February, the Nepal team were able to travel to distribute radio home kits in 3 languages (Bhojpuri, Maithili and Limbu – TWR Canada funded the first two), as well as radios and Bibles. They shared: "Praise God that the ten-day field visit went well. We were able to visit and meet 500 people. Praise God that 355 Bibles and 15 radios were distributed to the listeners and we formed 29 radio homes. Pray for the new radio homes and all who received a Bible and a radio, that the Word of God will transform their hearts and make a difference to their lives."

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for radio home kits to be distributed to radio home groups who need them.
  • Pray for the radio home groups, that each person would grow in faith and in their understanding of God’s Word.

By giving to radio home groups across South Asia, you are contributing to the distribution of radio home kits to radio home groups in India who are waiting to receive a kit.