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COVID-19 Updates

How are we responding


Followers of Jesus Christ aren’t providentially immune to the effects of COVID-19 or any other natural disaster. But we do have his assurance that he will walk with us every step of the way through the crisis and that God will ultimately bring great good out of what today appears only as great evil.

Like the apostle Paul, however, we realize that whatever the challenging circumstances ahead, God still has important work for us to do. So we want to take a few moments on this page to share with you how TWR is taking necessary precautions against the coronavirus while continuing to reach the world for Christ so that lasting fruit is produced.

We will continue to update these pages with missionary, staff and partner updates as we receive them.


In some countries around the world, women are told they are inferior, stupid or shameful. In others, they are violently abused and taken advantage of. The message is the same: they feel worthless. And this is wrong. TWR Canada’s ministry to women exists to encourage women, develop their leadership skills and teach them of their
Last year, TWR India began distributing tablets to radio home group leaders with Discipleship Essentials content loaded on them. Although the pandemic has prevented the distribution from being fully completed, many have already received the tablets and have greatly benefited from the content, which has helped them get through this difficult

Faith Wide and Deep

Seminary On The Air (SOTA)Education
The Chinese ministry team continues to keep busy and has adapted well to the restrictions that COVID-19 has brought. Every year, SOTA camps are held across Canada. These camps are open to SOTA graduates to further their education and are also open to key leaders of churches. The camps focus on specific ministries like worship, preaching and
TWR Canada has been partnering in ministry with Aujourd'hui l'Espoir in Quebec for nearly 20 years. With the help of media partners such as The Peoples Church, Thru the Bible, Heralds of Hope and others, the gospel is being shared in Quebec. Our media programs are paired with a follow-up ministry. We partner with local churches to provide