A Seed in My Heart - Trans World Radio Canada

Plants are such an amazing way to see the glory of God on display. There are so many different varieties – our God is so creative! Each plant follows a growing season – some produce very quickly, while others take a little longer. In 2008, scientists discovered a palm tree on the island of Madagascar that only flowers once every 100 years. But the effort of flowering and fruiting depletes the tree so much that within a few months, it wilts and dies.

What does this have to do with the ministry of TWR Canada? As an organization, our goal is to reach the world for Christ so that lasting fruit is produced. Our mission is not just to evangelize, but to also help grow and cultivate the faith of believers. As Jesus notes in the parable of the sower in Matthew 13, it is important that the seed of the gospel falls on good soil.

I want to share with you the story of a man from the Persian-speaking world, who we will call Nidal. He wrote this letter to our Persian ministry team, sharing his testimony.

Nidal was born in 1977 in a small town and in a traditional family. As a youth, he was very determined and zealous to follow the laws of Sharia. During the month of Ramadan(the Islamic month of fasting)in 1998, when Nidal was still in high school, he would wake up early with his mother every morning for breakfast. After eating breakfast, he would turn on the radio to hear the morning call to prayer, perform it, and then go back to sleep. On one of these mornings, he had finished breakfast and there was a long time to wait for the morning prayer. While he waited, he began to adjust the radio frequency to other radio stations. “Suddenly I came across an unfamiliar station, where a pleasant, calm, firm and audible voice spoke of God,” shares Nidal. “The God he was talking about seemed strange and unbelievable to me at the time. The presenter was talking about God and his grace and forgiveness. He said that all humans can be forgiven through faith in God and his work on the cross. All these words seemed strange and unreal to me at that time.”

Nidal heard all the words of this radio presenter without knowing his name. At the end of the broadcast, the name and address of the radio station were mentioned: Rev. Reza Masoudi, from Radio Monte Carlo-Monaco (A TWR station). Nidal listened to this voice present the Word of God every morning until the end of Ramadan. “And I, who awoke every day to fulfill the law, became eager to hear from God, who is the true God.”

Without someone to water the seed and help him take the next steps to faith in Christ, Nidal’s passion faded until about 10 years ago when Nidal accepted Jesus Christ through the evangelism of a friend. But he lived in a remote city and did not have access to a church or local pastor.

He writes: “In the early days of my faith, I had fellowship with this faithful believer friend of mine, until he left the region. After this, I lost my spiritual growth and maturity for about nine years. This last year, thanks to the circumstances caused by the pandemic, I have started to have virtual fellowship with groups outside of my country. I thank God that these conditions have brought blessings and spiritual growth for the believers inside the country, for people like me.”

Nidal began looking for resources about God online. “I encountered your website and all of a sudden I was shocked by a voice – the voice was the voice of Brother Reza Masoudi! A voice that reminded me of Jesus Christ. It was tears of joy ... or perhaps tears of regret of my years of unbelief ... or perhaps tears of grief of not knowing the value and dignity of the words I heard years ago. Tears were constantly falling from my eyes and flowing down my cheeks. ...

“During the hours that I was listening to this pleasant voice of the servant of God after many years, I thought to myself that this voice was undoubtedly a seed in my heart that was planted by God many years ago. The good news that I received years later through my friend irrigated the seed that caused the germination and growth of faith in me.

“Please pray for me! I wish and dream that one day I will be able to plant a seed in somebody’s heart that will bear fruit for our Lord.”

What an amazing testimony! Like Nidal, there are so many people worldwide who have heard the good news but have not been able to connect with a church or have fellowship with other believers in Christ. Without this connection, the good seed can fall on hard soil and die.

Every one of TWR Canada’s ministry efforts have a follow-up component. Through training events, discipleship programs, radio home groups and online resources, we are guiding believers from doubt to decision to discipleship. And we need your help! Will you join me in ensuring that lasting fruit is produced? Your gift will help believers grow in their faith and plant the seeds of the gospel in many hearts! We thank you for your prayerful consideration of how you will partner with us financially to speak hope to the nations, in Jesus’ name!

With the hope of Christ,

Dan Reese
President, TWR Canada