Serve FAQs

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Have questions? We have some answers. Check our most commonly asked questions below or ask us a different one.

Does TWR Canada have an administrative fee?

No.  The monthly support requirement for all TWR Canada career and short-term missionary appointees does not include an administration fee.  100% of all missionary support donations go directly toward missionary living allowance, housing, benefits, and other related costs.

Are all donations tax-deductible for the donor?

Yes, unless the donor specifies that the donation is a personal gift for the missionary. TWR Canada asks that such gifts be sent directly to the missionary.

Does my spouse have to complete an application if he or she is not going to have a specific position with TWR?

We believe that the decision to become a missionary family requires a commitment on the part of the entire family—both in partnership development and in building a life in a new culture - so we require both husband and wife to complete the full missionary application process together.

What is TWR's relationship with the local sending church?

TWR partners closely with a missionary’s sending church through the application process, the training and preparation phase and on-going missionary care and furlough planning. 

How are missionary prayer letters handled?

Each missionary is required to write one prayer letter every quarter.  The letter is proofed and approved by TWR, then printed and mailed for you by our Ministry Services team.

Please note, this is the minimum communication requirement. The most successful missionaries are in touch with their support team regularly via email, phone, Skype, Facebook, etc. 

Do you provide medical and life insurance?

Yes. TWR offers its full-time missionary staff a comprehensive medical benefits plan that covers both domestic and international medical needs.  A limited plan is available to those serving for under one year.

How does one go about raising support?

Our missionaries raise support by building a team of individuals and churches who commit to supporting them on an ongoing basis.  We offer support training, coaching, accountability, and encouragement to our missionaries as they take on this task.

How much of the support I raise is included in my salary/income?

Of the total support you raise, most missionaries receive approximately half of it as income. If you are serving overseas, the balance goes toward housing, health insurance, taxes, furlough and emergency travel, retirement savings, children’s education and a major repair fund.