Missionary Funding

Hands are open with a jar of coins, symbolizing support-raising


Funding Questions


Why do I need to raise support?

The majority of TWR’s openings are supported missionary roles, requiring that you raise financial support to cover your salary, benefits, furlough, travel, etc. As with most missionary organizations, we rely on the generous donations of God’s people to provide for God’s work.  Although TWR does generate ministry revenue through the offering of media services, such as translation, production and distribution of Christian media content, the purpose of these funds is to assist in the generation of more Christian media content. Therefore, we do require that all interns, short-term, and long-term missionaries raise their own financial support.

How much support do I need to raise?

This depends on where you will be working and how long you will be there.  Depending on location, costs could range from $1,200 per month to $3,000 per month for a single person, plus round-trip airfare, or $6,000-$8,000 per month for a family  (this includes a living allowance for food and daily expenses, accommodation, health coverage, retirement contributions, round trip airfare and other expenses.) A complete breakdown of the support requirement will be provided upon completion of the application process.

How are support rates determined?

If you serve overseas, your support goal is based on the country of service (e.g. Singapore is more expensive than Bonaire), whether you are married or single and whether you have children or not.  The rate is set each year to provide you with a reasonable salary and to cover expenses that will be incurred by you and by TWR on your behalf.