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    September 2018 Prayer Calendar

    August 31, 2018 by Nicki Coles

    September 2 - 8
    Ray & Sandy Alary
    London, Ontario

    The Alarys began serving with TWR in 1987. From the island of Bonaire to South Africa, Swaziland and then Canada, Ray has served in many different roles, including Program Director, Human Resources Director, Operations Director, International Director, and now, President of TWR Canada. Sandy currently volunteers in the London office.

    • Pray for health, safety and endurance for Ray as he travels extensively this fall to Denver, Africa, the TWR head office in Cary, NC, and on the Saskatchewan/Manitoba tour.
    • Praise the Lord for continued growth in the ministry of TWR Canada. Pray for the Lord’s hand on new projects.
    • Pray for Ray and Sandy as they live as a witness of Christ’s love to their families and neighbours.
    • Praise the Lord that Ray and Sandy could spend five weeks on holidays in Kenora for a change of pace over the summer.
    • Prayer for the entire London team with a busy fall and office move coming up.

    September 9 - 15 
    Jonathan & Bel Griffiths
    Vienna, Austria

    Jonathan started serving with TWR in 1998 and has been working in Vienna, Austria, since 2004. He and Bel married in 2008, and had their son Luca a few years later. Jonathan has been the Director of the Specialized Content Department for Member Care Media. With the announcement of TWR closing the Vienna office, Jonathan and Bel decided to stay in Vienna so Jonathan needed to find work.

    • Pray for Jonathan and Bel as they work through the changes of their new role with TWR as a subcontractor for Women of Hope.
    • The TWR Europe office in Austria has moved to Cyprus. Pray for the Griffiths family through this transition.
    • Pray for Jonathan as he balances a heavy workload, along with the changes of not being in the TWR office.
    • Pray for good health for the family, especially as they enter a time of year where colds and flus are common.
    • Pray for direction for Jonathan and Bel as they have a passion to serve and encourage the local church.
    • Pray for their new multi-media agency Media 524 e.u.

    September 16 - 22

    Persian-Speaking World
    Middle East

    Our ministry to the Persian-speaking world includes gospel radio programs that are broadcast by shortwave radio, internet and satellite. Tony, our Persian Ministry Director, and his team correspond with listeners and assist believers in their Christian growth. As well, TWR Canada is translating and producing A Visit with Mrs G’s children’s Bible stories to help Persian Christian parents teach their children. TWR Canada’s Discipleship Essentials curriculum is being translated and adapted to train and equip disciples in the Persian-speaking world. The leader’s guide, study guide and video have been completed and will soon be available online. Some Persian-speaking believers have the opportunity to gather with other believers at conferences hosted by our team. What a wonderful opportunity to fellowship and worship, as these people do not have opportunity for this in their daily lives. It can be very dangerous to be a Christian in the Persian-speaking world. Some people risk rejection from their families and communities, imprisonment, torture or even death when they choose to follow Christ. It is hard for us to imagine how difficult this decision must be. Praise the Lord that despite the risk, many are finding hope in him.

    • Pray for TWR Canada’s projects to bring teaching to the Persian-speaking world through media, including children’s and discipleship initiatives, as well as through our conference ministry.
    • At present, many house churches are unable to meet and Christians are struggling. Pray that governments and law enforcers would allow Christians to meet together. Pray that Christians would be able to fellowship and receive teaching.
    • Pray the governments and communities would be increasingly compassionate toward Christianity. Pray that jail sentences would be reduced and that those who have been caught with Christian materials would be allowed to go free.
    • Pray for Tony, our Director of Persian Ministry, as he communicates with believers who are struggling. Pray that he would effectively teach them and encourage them to remain strong in their faith.
    • Pray for Tony’s wife Iris, who was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer in July 2017 and continues to receive treatment.

    September 23 - 29

    Sri Lanka
    God’s Unique Book

    In Sri Lanka, home to 20 million people, Buddhism is the dominant religion. Less than one percent consider themselves evangelical Christians. The 30-minute radio program God’s Unique Book was started in 2014. This program presents the gospel through story-telling while addressing the Buddhist worldview. The gospel presented through media is an effective way to reach this previously unreached people group. Listeners to this program learn how faith in Jesus can free them from a life of fear and death. Topics covered include salvation, the death and resurrection of Jesus, the authority of the Bible, the value of mankind and what it means to be created in the image of Christ. The impact of this program is demonstrated through the growth and feedback that has come from listener meetings, sometimes referred to as radio home groups. In these groups, people listen together and discuss programs, thereby strengthening and encouraging their growing Christian community. In a recent report we learned that 159 radio home groups have been established, an increase from our last report, when there were 78 radio home groups reported. In addition, another 55 groups are scheduled to start. As well, responses through phone calls, text messages and letters have increased significantly over the past few years. Responses often testify how God has used this program to bring people to himself: “We have five listener groups functioning in our area. In total, there are 40 members. When we go and play these programs, many listen to it with eagerness, and are encouraged, repent and are healed in their souls. We also go and proclaim the gospel to the people. When they accept Christ, we bring them to the Church. We are also very happy about it Also, these programs educate them to learn new things from the Scriptures and encourage them. So please don’t stop this program, but continue.” - a radio home listener.

    • Praise the Lord for the increasing number of radio home groups. Praise him that people are receptive to the message of the gospel! Pray for initiatives to bring further tools and materials to these groups.
    • Pray for the TWR team in Sri Lanka as they continue to work towards addressing listeners’ spiritual needs, and engage with listeners beyond the radio programs.
    • Pray for safety for those who travel to remote places to visit and encourage radio home groups. Pray that churches would be established in areas with listener home groups.
    • Pray that Buddhists listening to the program would desire to know the true God and an openness to Christianity.
    • Pray for peace throughout the nation of Sri Lanka.



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