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    October 2018 Prayer Calendar

    September 30, 2018 by Nicki Coles

    September 30 - October 6
    William Tsui
    Chinese Ministry

    In 2011, William joined TWR Canada as the China Ministry Director. William oversees Seminary On The Air, a Mandarin-language Christian seminary training program that has over 2000 students worldwide. From our office in Toronto, he also oversees church leadership training and promotes the work of SOTA with churches in Canada and China.

    • Thank God that the Chinese Ministry team were able to move into the new China Ministry Center at the end of July, where they can record programs and conduct trainings.
    • Praise God that the Chinese Ministry will start their first Mission camp in China in 2019 and launch the Mission program for SOTA at the same time.
    • Pray for the SOTA students in China so that they can continue to learn under the new religious policy implemented in the beginning of this year.
    • Pray for the recording of the remaining stories of Bible Stories Alive so that we can complete all the stories by 2020.
    • Pray for the health, safety and family of all the China Ministry Staff as many of them have to travel and do trainings in different cities and countries.

    October 7 - 13
    Henry and Anna Penner

    The Penners started a four-year term with RTM (TWR) Bolivia in 2015. Henry was born in Bolivia in the Mennonite colonies and moved to Canada as a child. In 2012, Henry returned there on a mission trip. “God gave me a burden for the lost Mennonites in Bolivia.”
    Now, Henry is serving with the Low German ministry on and off the air and takes care of general maintenance of the RTM site in Bolivia. Anna helps the RTM team with hostessing duties and other needs.

    • Pray for the people in the colony in Bolivia. Each visit to the area reminds Henry and Anna of the urgent need for the Gospel.
    • Praise the Lord that Anna has received her three-year visa. This will eliminate travel to Santa Cruz for the time being.
    • Praise God for the people who are coming to know him and share in the joy of new life.
    • Pray that as the Penner’s are looking at coming to Canada on furlough that they would have guidance in figuring out the details.
    • Pray for God’s wisdom and direction as they consider moving off the property in the new year.


    October 14 - 20
    Aujourd’hui l’Espoir

    In the province of Quebec, only 0.5 percent of the population are considered to be evangelical Christians. There is a huge need to share the message of Jesus Christ across the province. Currently our partner in Quebec, Aujourd’hui l’Espoir, has programming on TV, radio and the internet. Programming includes the French version of the weekly Living Truth program, French-language web broadcasting of Dr. Charles Stanley’s In Touch and Dr. Vernon McGee’s Thru the Bible. As people watch and listen to these programs, they are invited to respond by calling, emailing or writing to our team in Quebec who then responds to their questions and provides further information about the gospel.
    This ministry is expanding. Last year, Aujourd’hui l’Espoir launched a new site for mobile devices, and now more and more people are accessing the programs. Although this ministry is aimed toward people living in Quebec, people across the French-speaking world, including Haiti, France and Africa, have responded to the programs. As well, one program is also now broadcasting on French-language television stations in an expanded area of Quebec, in Ontario and New Brunswick. Another TV program is being broadcast in the Caribbean island of Martinique. Praise the Lord for the work he is doing in Quebec, and that people are responding to the message of the gospel!

    • Pray for those who live in persecuted countries who are able to access the Aujourd’hui l’Espoir ministries as they seek to follow Jesus. Pray also for those in Quebec who are responding to these men and women who are searching for the truth. 
    • Praise the Lord for the refreshment and encouragement found at the annual forum of evangelists that was held in Quebec City this past spring. 
    • Pray for the future plans and fundraising for the ministry in Quebec. 
    • Pray for the impending decision from the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications (CRTC) regarding the new FM station and repeater stations. 
    • Praise the Lord for the continued work that God is doing in and through Quebec. Pray for favour for the ministry.

    October 21 - 27
    Radio Programming and Follow-up

    The Kham Magar people are one of the least reached groups in Nepal. Because many of them live in isolated villages, radio is the most effective form of communication. TWR Canada produces Kham-language programs that air twice weekly on two stations in Nepal.
    TWR Canada is also partnering with a network of volunteers and churches who distribute Bibles and media players to people in remote villages. A pastor travelled to one village to share the good news of Jesus Christ and he discovered that many people were already listening to the radio programs! In some villages, groups are now forming as people meet to listen together.

    • Praise God for the groups that are gathering to listen to TWR radio programs. Pray that others would join the groups and discover the hope of Christ.
    • Pray that many Kham Magar people will discover Jesus through TWR radio programs. Praise the Lord for those who have already received the gift of salvation.
    • Pray that program producers and presenters would have God’s wisdom in preparing suitable programs that touch the hearts and souls of those who listen.
    • Interacting with Kham Magar people is challenging as most of them are located in remote regions with no transport access. Pray for the ability to follow-up with these listeners.
    • Pray for persecuted believers who have come to know the Lord through radio broadcasts. Pray that they would be steadfast and their faith would be an example to those who persecute them.

    October 28 - November 3
    Radio Programming

    TWR has been broadcasting into Cuba for over 50 years, proclaiming the hope of Jesus Christ to people who often have no other way to hear it. Each night, listeners tune in to Messages of Faith and Hope, led by TWR producer Alberto Gonzalez. Recently, the TWR signal into Cuba increased from 100 to 450 kW, and now nearly everyone in the country can hear the broadcasts.
    We currently work in Cuba under the umbrella of another organization.

    • Pray for Alberto as he plans to meet with government officials to formally register as a religious organization in Cuba. 
    • Pray for Alberto and his family as they all serve in various forms of Christian ministry in Cuba. 
    • Praise the Lord for the power upgrade that has allowed for more listeners to hear the hope of the gospel. Pray for more pastors to respond to letters and emails listeners are sending in as a result.
    • Pray for new programs that are being created focused on preaching and worship. Pray for a new producer for one of the programs.
    • Pray for the country of Cuba. Pray that they would be impacted by hearing the hope and truth of the bible.

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