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    November 2018 Prayer Calander

    November 1, 2018 By the TWR Canada Team
    November 2 - 10
    London Ministry Center
    London, Ontario

     TWR Canada has been experiencing exponential growth over the last number of years. As such, we are moving forward by expanding our Canadian ministry centre. We’re thankful for the many who joined us in praying for this opportunity and who helped make it possible, like this supporter:

    “Dear TWR, I have a bond that is coming due in July. I have been wondering what to do with it. I read your letter in June and my wondering was over in what to do with it. It is more than $35,000, so that will go a little further for you. So your prayers are answered now. Now God answered my prayer too.” -A faithful supporter from Ontario

    • We are moving into our new London Ministry Centre this month.
    • Praise God for the people who he used to ensure funds were available for this move.
    • Thank the Lord for the building that allows us to expand our ministries.
    • Pray for the team in London as we prepare to move and work out the details of the move.
    • Pray for a smooth transition as the team settles into the new building.
    • Pray for the work that will be accomplished in the new building for the years to come.

    November 11 - 17
    TWR India


    TWR Canada has been involved in the work of TWR India for the past five years. To date we’ve provided the funds for 2500 portable media devices and are excited to continue to work with TWR India on their Radio Home Groups. TWR India distributes Radio Home Kits to Radio Home Groups across India. These kits contain an SD card, containing the Thru the Bible study material in the heart language, a digital player, summary notes and a Bible which will allow groups to grow in their faith and understand God’s Word in a deeper way. TWR Canada and Thru the Bible Canada have now partnered together to assist TWR India in translation, production and distribution of 150 languages by 2020.

    • Pray for TWR India, TWR Canada and Thru the Bible in their three-way partnership.
    • Pray for the production of programs into 150 languages by 2020.
    • Pray for 100+ Radio Home Groups that will form in each of the 150 languages.
    • Pray for George Philip and his team in India as they work share the hope of Christ with the 1.3 billion people in India.
    • Praise the Lord for the many lives that have been touched by the ministry of TWR India.

    November 18 - 24
    Vincent and Trina Collet
    Lyon, France

    In the summer of 2018, Vincent and Trina Collet moved their family to Lyon, France where Vincent is serving as the Administrative Manager for Radio Colombe.

    Both Vincent and Trina’s experiences on short-term missions ignited their desire to serve God’s kingdom.

    In France, talking about one’s faith publicly and openly is taboo. Radio allows people with an interest in Christ to learn about the gospel alone in their car or at home without being afraid of being ridiculed. Vincent says “Our prayer is that such people, after receiving an introduction to the gospel via radio, will come to see how life-changing and precious the gospel message of Christ is and will be emboldened to take the next step of visiting a church.” Part of Vincent’s job will include helping interested listeners connect with local churches.

    Vincent, Trina and their family are settling into their new life in France, and adjusting to their new home, culture, roles and routines.

    • Please pray for Vincent as he begins to learn all about the station and how it works, to prepare him to step into his role as administrative manager.
    • Pray for the Collet family as they settle into a new life in a new home and new culture; that they will be able to maintain patience, calm and balance in their lives, as this is an intense time for with so much going on and so many things to do.
    • Praise the Lord for answering their prayer and providing a car for them.
    • Pray that they can find a good system for organizing their days between traveling to and from the train station to get Vincent to and from work, and to and from school for Eden, with one car and a train system that is quite unreliable.
    • Pray as they settle into the new community, work environment and church family, they may be lights to those who they meet.

    November 35 - December 1
    Women of Hope

    "I sought the Lord, and he answered me and delivered me from all my fears. Those who look to him are radiant, and their faces shall never be ashamed."
    Psalm 34:4-5 (ESV)

    Many women don’t know the truth of these words. They live in fear and shame because of cultural, religious or social beliefs that restrict them and tell them they are worthless.

    As TWR’s ministry to women, TWR Women of Hope is changing that by bringing hope in Jesus to women around the world and across generations. We are uniting the hearts of women with the compassionate heart of God, so that they find their identity in him. We are uniting their hearts with one another, so that they may be encouraged, supported and comforted. And we are uniting their hearts with the world, so that they can share this wonderful message of hope.

    We are bringing the life-changing message that each woman is created by a loving God who cares for her. As women understand their God-given worth, they share tremendous influence and become a catalyst for change. The reality is this: when you invest in the spiritual, emotional and physical health of women, you invest in the wellbeing of entire families and communities. And that is what TWR Women of Hope is doing.

    Story of Hope

    “Thank you for the Women of Hope radio program…in my family we were fighting every day, a problem which involved me and my husband. Also, our children were rude to us. Last month we were at home before we started our arguments as usual, the radio program started, and the topic of that day was about family matters and relationships. Every one of us was listening and shocked because it was like the teachers where living with us… Later my husband said, ‘Let us start a new life; let us live with love and forgive each other.’ From that day, we did not have any arguments where we have failed to talk and correct each other in love…For sure this program brought friendship back into my family.” (a Women of Hope listener in Tanzania)

    • Pray that women will find freedom from fear and shame through the message of this ministry.
    • Pray that women will unite their hearts with the Saviour, the only one who can bring lasting hope and healing.
    • Pray that the Lord will continue to supply our financial needs.
    • Pray that many more would join our team of worldwide intercessors.
    • Pray for Dr. Peggy Banks, Global Ministry Director, as she oversees the ministry.

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