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    May 2019 Prayer Guide

    April 28, 2019 By the TWR Canada Team
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    TWR Canada’s Evangelism Initiatives

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    In many areas and in many communities, people have few ways to hear the gospel. In some countries, religion is restricted or prescribed by local culture or government. For these people, media is safe, and sometimes the only way to hear the truth. Even in areas where there are Christians, some people are unable to hear the gospel due to barriers of geography, language, disability, family or various other restrictions. And in some cases, it can be difficult for a new Christian to be discipled in their faith. TWR Canada aims to reach these people and help them draw close to Christ.

    Media is also a cost-effective and accessible tool that enables us to share the good news of Christ with a large number of people. TWR’s coverage encompasses a substantial area of the world, enabling us to reach many unreached people groups, people in the 10/40 window and in otherwise closed countries. Our aim is to further assist those who want to deepen their knowledge of Christianity such as a listener in Sri Lanka who wrote to us saying, "I am a Buddhist. This is the first time I listened to your program. I was in Kuwait a few years back and I got to know about Jesus when I was there. I cannot find any church here in my village. I want to know more about Jesus Christ and to attend a church. Your program is very helpful to me." To assist our partners and listeners, we partner with local churches and ministries who connect with listeners and provide follow-up and discipleship. We also assist our on-the-ground partners to use media to enhance their evangelism strategies.

    This month, please join us in praying for TWR Canada’s evangelism initiatives worldwide. May many people come to know the true hope found only in Christ! 

    Please join us in praying ...

    1. In different places around the world, women are invited to join a TWR Women of Hope prayer group by a friend or family member. Pray that they would learn about the King of kings and that they would accept his gift of salvation. 

    2. Some women around the world feel trapped in their situations, often isolated from friends or family. Pray that they will hear the TWR Women of Hope radio broadcasts and learn about the God who loves them and died to set them free from the bondage they are living in. 

    3. Pray for the many people who live in societies where they are taught that the Christian God is false. Pray that they may be open and curious about Christianity and that they would be able to find the answers they seek. 

    4. Pray for development of TWR Canada's media-based resource for the Canadian Church on understanding the beliefs and cultures of our neighbours to help us reach out to them with the gospel effectively. 

    5. Praise the Lord that many children and their families are listening to children’s Bible stories on the radio in Kenya and Malawi. Pray for their salvation.

    6. In Burundi, many people suffer from poverty and malnutrition. Pray that many will tune in and receive hope through the TWR Canada sponsored evangelistic programs aired nationwide in Burundi, Good News for All and Jesus is the Answer. One listener told us, "Your program of Jesus Is the Answer has awakened me. I received Jesus as my Saviour some years ago, but I had backslidden. I lived in sin for a long time but I had no peace in my heart. I am blessed to hear that God’s mercy has no boundaries and therefore I choose to come back to Jesus. Please pray for me, as I want to be forgiven. I also pray that God will continue to strengthen you in your work.

    7. The program The Way of Righteousness teaches those who are unfamiliar with Christianity, especially Muslims, about the Christian faith. Pray for this program as it is produced in the Kirundi language in Burundi, in Nubi for Uganda and Arabic for parts of Africa and the Middle East. 

    8. TWR Canada recently distributed media players containing The Way of Righteousness to Nubians in Uganda. A Nubian man who is a caretaker in a mosque told us that his entire village wanted to become Christians, but they were afraid. Pray for this village. They have been given Bibles and material to help them on their journey to Christ. 

    9. Praise the Lord for Nubians in Uganda who have recently made decisions to follow Christ, including the following: “After listening to your program, I asked Jesus to come into my life, found a Bible-based church, and got baptized. Now I listen every day. Thank you!

    10. In many closed-access countries, radio is one of the few ways for people to hear the message of the gospel. Pray for clear radio waves, without interference, and that people would be eager to listen to these broadcasts.

    11. The city of Prilep in Macedonia has a significant Roma community. Pray that many people would come to Christ through The Voice of Truth radio program and follow-up efforts by the producer, who is also a local pastor. 

    12. Several SOTA graduates in China have become cross-cultural missionaries. Pray that many will be saved by their work. Pray also for changes to the SOTA curriculum to better train students for missionary service.

    13. Praise the Lord that many listeners are contacting our station in Sri Lanka, such as one who says, "I’m a Hindu but my husband is a Buddhist. I started to listen to your programs regularly a few months back. I’m facing a financial issue in my family. My husband is an alcoholic. I have a child. Most of the time I suffer from anger and sadness and I want to be released from it. Your programs have changed my life. Your programs are very beautiful and very useful to me. Thank you very much." Pray for the team who provides follow-up through phone calls, emails and through connecting listeners to listener groups or pastors in their area. 

    14. Pray for Muslims who contact our station in Sri Lanka, often not mentioning their name and requesting not to be called back. Pray also for plans to create programs directed specifically to Muslims. 

    15. TWR Canada is supporting and equipping radio listener groups in different locations in Asia. Some of these groups have facilitated and inspired evangelistic efforts. Pray that this would lead to many people accepting the gift of salvation. 

    16. Praise the Lord that Radio Home Group participants in India and Bangladesh are using their radio home kits as a tool for reaching out in their communities. Pray for those whom they are reaching out to, that they would choose to believe in Christ.

    17. TWR operates one transmitter in West Africa and is building a second at the same location. Pray that many people would learn the Good News from these broadcasts. Pray also for Garth Kennedy, one of our TWR missionaries as he oversees the operation.

    18. West Africa is known as the birthplace of voodoo. As TWR expands our radio broadcast reach, pray that the strongholds of evil in this area of the world would be weakened.

    19. Pray for initiatives across South America to spread the gospel to unbelievers through the radio, internet or other media. Pray for TWR Canada missionary Steve Shantz who oversees TWR’s ministry in Latin America and the Caribbean. 

    20. TWR Canada sponsors Messages of Faith and Hope, a radio program created and produced within Cuba. Pray that those who hear these programs would be encouraged in the midst of life challenges and come to know true hope amidst their hardship. 

    21. Since the upgrade to the Bonaire transmitter in January 2018, areas of Cuba which previously couldn’t receive the signal are hearing the programming broadcast from Bonaire. Pray for those new listeners as they hear God's Word proclaimed. 

    22. Canadian missionaries Henry and Anna Penner serve with RTM Bolivia. Much of their ministry is directed to Mennonites, many of whom are discouraged from having a better understanding of the Bible. Pray that through their ministry, many would accept the gift of salvation of the one true God, who loves them and gave himself for them.

    23. TWR Canada's partner in Quebec, Aujourd'hui l'Espoir, responds to listeners and viewers via The Hope Line, their volunteer-run phone line. Some of these callers are not believers, and the volunteers have the opportunity to answer their questions about Christianity. Pray for wisdom for the volunteers, as well as for the callers, that they would receive the hope found only in Christ.

    24. Pray for the development of Aujourd'hui l'Espoir's evangelism-based website. Pray that those who explore the website would come to know God's truth.

    25. The ministry in Quebec is not easy, but we have seen how media can play a role in sharing the gospel in a non-confrontational way. Pray for the province of Quebec to hear and accept the gospel.

    26. Pray for people in Iran to hear the message of Christ on the radio waves or through the internet. Pray also for safety from potential repercussions for doing so.  

    27. Praise the Lord for Persian speakers who are non-believers and attend Christian conferences. Pray for their salvation as well as connection with believers who can support and disciple them.  

    28. In Swaziland, TWR airs programs in 31 languages that reach southern, eastern and central Africa. Pray that many would listen and understand the good news of Christ

    29. The Prophets is TWR’s new program written specifically for engaging Muslims with the gospel. It is aimed at the Senufo people, who live in a region of West Africa. Pray for those hearing this program on the radio, that they would come to understand God's Word in a new way.

    30. Pray for those who are hearing The Prophets and are learning how to reach out to the Muslims in their lives, such as this listener, who says: "Your new program does me a lot of good. From your messages and explanations, I have begun to understand the perception of belief in Muslims, and as I have Muslim parents, I see how to approach and share the gospel with them. Your program is well designed. Thank you for that.

    31. Pray for those who hear TWR's programming and grow in their faith and then go out and share the gospel with their communities all around the world. 

    All Bible verses, unless otherwise noted, come from The ESV® Bible (The Holy Bible, English Standard Version®); 2016 edition; copyright 2001 by Crossway, a publishing ministry of Good News Publishers.

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