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    March 2019 Prayer Calendar

    February 24, 2019 By the TWR Canada Team
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    TWR Canada's Discipleship Initiatives

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    Jesus’ final command was to make disciples of all nations, but obeying this command is difficult for many people and even churches around the world. In some areas, there are few trained leaders to disciple a church that is growing quickly. In other areas, they lack resources or religious freedom.  

    TWR Canada has been responding to this need for decades by faithfully broadcasting radio programs with biblical teaching and instruction in Christ-like living. We have also been using modern technology to help people grow in their faith. Online platforms equip people to disciple others, and discipleship programming on media devices or SD cards can teach a church without a pastor. As well, our training conferences and local workers are equipping churches and helping individuals grow in their faith. 

    This month we are praying for TWR Canada’s discipleship initiatives around the world. 

    “Our church in Iran has been closed, and your radio program and worship music have been my church. I have learned a lot and am growing in my faith.” – A Persian-speaking listener

    This month we are praying for TWR Canada’s discipleship initiatives ...

    1. TWR has several Chinese missionaries working to develop church leaders in China. Pray for their safety and effectiveness in their work.   

    2. TWR Canada’s China ministry office hosts church leadership training events at Chinese churches in Canada. Pray that these would be effective for participants and that they would be encouraged to support Chinese church leadership training overseas.  

    3. Praise the Lord that Discipleship Essentials, our multimedia discipleship curriculum, is available online in 10 languages, with a few more to be added through 2019. Pray for the materials to go online smoothly and that this will continue to be an effective tool for churches and Christian leaders.  

    4. Pray for our DE Champion, Mamdouh, and partner organization in the Middle East, Together Network, as they lead discipleship training for church leaders.  

    5. Pray for our DE Champion in the Philippines, Elena, as she introduces Discipleship Essentials to churches and schools. There are over 1,330 churches and over 2,000 small groups using DE in the Philippines.  

    6. Pray for initiatives to use DE in Canada, encouraging Christians and small groups to grow in their faith. It is currently being used among ethnic groups in Toronto and Edmonton and among high school students in Manitoba.  

    7. Pray for the development of TWR Women of Hope’s new discipleship program, Discover Hope, based on Discipleship Essentials content. 

    8. Pray for the distribution of Discipleship Essentials in restricted-access countries. In some locations, Discipleship Essentials is smuggled into countries on a memory card. Pray that in this way, DE would be shared, enabling new believers to grow in their faith.  

    9. Praise the Lord for Bible distributions which have recently happened in Kenya and India. Pray that those who received Bibles would study God’s Word and grow in their faith and understanding.  

    10. Pray for the distribution of radio home kits in India and Bangladesh. Each kit consists of discussion notes, a digital media player with an audio Bible, Bible study and other programming. They are distributed to groups of Christians who listen to the programs together. One listener reported, “I used to have a difficult time understanding the Bible on my own, but after I joined the TWR India radio home group, my life has changed! Through this systematic study, I have come to know the real meaning of following Christ.” 

    11. Pray for the ongoing distribution of radio home kits in India in the Soura, Kui and Gamit languages.  

    12. Praise God for the upcoming distribution of 4,880 radio home kits in 33 languages for 58 unreached people groups in India. For some, it may be the first time they hear the Bible or receive Bible teaching in their language.  

    13. Praise the Lord that churches in Bangladesh are excited to partner with TWR in the radio home groups. Pray that this initiative will result in many deepening their faith and sharing the truth with others.  

    14. Pray for the translation and production teams of the radio home group programming in Bangladesh, especially that translators and producers would be found for a few remaining languages.  

    15. Pray for SOTA, TWR’s seminary-level training program for Chinese leaders; pray that students would deepen their faith and be able to effectively lead and disciple other believers through what they learn. One SOTA graduate writes: “I used to have many questions about the Bible, such as about the Trinity. I had so many unanswered questions and I even had doubt sometimes. By studying SOTA, not only did I become stronger in my faith, but I also had new realizations about God.” 

    16. In China, religious restrictions make it illegal to post Christian content online. Pray that all SOTA students would be able to access the study material in other formats.  

    17. Pray for children in Ukraine listening to 900 Seconds of Kindness. This program brings hope to children and teaches them God’s Word in a way that is easy for them to understand. 

    18. Pray for those who are reading and listening to the children’s Bible stories currently available on TWR360. Pray for the children and families listening in English, Arabic, Mandarin, Spanish and Swahili.  

    19. Pray for the children and families listening to the Swahili children’s Bible stories on two stations in Kenya and the English stories on a station in Malawi. One mother from Kenya told us, “The program gives me so much wisdom and faith. I learn so much about the Bible, and my children love to listen to the program ... Thank you for teaching my children the Word of God in a simple yet interesting way. My daughters will forever be grateful.”  

    20. Praise the Lord that children are growing in their faith and are excited to study God’s Word as a result of listening to TWR Canada’s children’s Bible story programs. 

    21. In Mauritania, Iran and other countries, church leaders face persecution and violence. Pray that they would be grounded in their faith and that their courage would be a testimony to younger believers.  

    22. Pray for Persian believers who attend conferences and receive their first biblical teaching. Pray for open hearts and minds, as well as energy as they seek to understand as much as they can during the short time period. Pray that God would lead the speakers to address the listeners’ needs well.  

    23. Pray for new Persian believers who struggle to hold onto their faith when they face persecution. Pray that they will be able to remain steadfast to the one true God. Pray also that they would have a way to grow in their faith.   

    24. TWR Women of Hope prayer groups meet regularly to pray through prayer requests in their language. Pray that the members would grow in their faith through these gatherings. 

    25.  Pray that discipleship and mentoring relationships would develop between women who meet regularly in TWR Women of Hope prayer groups. 

    26. TWR Women of Hope looks to expand the ministry through leadership development. Pray that God would open the doors and make clear his will for this direction.  

    27. Counselling programming is being produced in Cuba. Pray that many Cubans would understand how they can have healing in Christ by deepening their relationship with him. 

    28. Cubans have little opportunity to obtain resources to aid in their spiritual growth. However, RTM (TWR) Cuba produces a series of devotional books which are sent to listeners. Pray that these may help people grow in their faith.  

    29. Pray for literature, scripture and audio tools intended to engage with listeners in Africa and help them deepen their faith. Pray for ongoing relationships between these listeners and the program staff or with local churches the staff connects them with.  

    30. Thru the Bible’s radio program is a verse-by-verse audio Bible study that is aired all over the world. Pray for a project between Thru the Bible Canada and TWR Canada to translate, produce and distribute this program in the Hassaniya language for Mauritania. 

    31. Pray that Jesus is the Answer and Good News for All in Burundi would help people grow in their faith and deepen their trust in Jesus. One listener reports, “I listen to this program every Saturday and it helps me very much. It is the only opportunity I have to hear God’s Word because I work on Sundays. Please pray that my working situation would change so that I can attend church.” 

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