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    June 2019 Prayer Guide

    May 26, 2019 By the TWR Canada Team
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    TWR Canada’s Radio and Technical Infrastructure

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    We depend on a strong infrastructure to communicate the hope of Christ across the globe. Our radio and technical projects include capital projects (like purchasing or renovating buildings, radio transmitters and equipment) globally; creation, production and broadcasting of our radio programs; and follow-up to the listeners of the programs. We also have an extensive network of partners that we work with who translate and contextualize programs to the needs of their own people.

    As a result of these projects, we receive encouraging feedback from those who come to faith as a result of the work we do, just like these stories of impact: 

    “Hello, I got the MP3 player from someone as I was going to school. I shared the wonderful message with my mother who threatened to destroy the player, but fortunately she came to understand the message and now we are both saved. We received Jesus in our hearts, though we can’t show it publicly. But, we attend a cell group every Saturday when my dad is away. Please send us more materials in our language. I didn’t know God speaks in our language too. I am extremely happy.” - Khadijah, The Way of Righteousness (Nubi), Uganda 

    “The media player I received from TWR India has been a wonderful blessing for both me and my family. I am an uneducated man and Kui is the only language I know. To be able to listen to the Word of God in my own language was something I never thought possible. My family and I meditate on the Word together and continue to grow in the Lord.” - Arun, India, Radio Home Group Participant, (Kui) 

    “Thanks to your support, on March 13, 2019, 12 new batteries (used to store power for the transmitter site) were delivered and installed at our studio site. The old batteries were holding charge for just 30 minutes instead of the needed 13 hours a day, meaning we needed to run diesel generators much longer each day and cut broadcast time. The new batteries are holding charge for 15 hours, reducing the need to run diesel generators and restoring regular broadcast hours.” - from 4VEH Haiti 

    This month, we focus on these projects and the partners, missionaries and teams who help to keep this work running.

    Please join us in praying ...

    1. TWR is installing a second transmitter in West Africa which will focus on Nigeria. Pray for team members to cope well with the stress of a large and busy project, understanding what is within their ability to control and influence and what is outside of that.

    2. Pray for those who will hear the messages of hope broadcasted by the second transmitter in West Africa

    3. The TWR team in Abidjan has a new generator  to provide power to continue work during the frequent power outages. Praise the Lord for the provision of this generator!

    4. Praise the Lord that recipients of media players in the Nubi language in Uganda have heard the gospel and that some have placed their faith in Jesus. Pray for others who received these players, that God would work in their lives. 

    5. Pray for TWR Canada missionaries Greg and Ingrid Clarke as they work at the TWR Swaziland transmitter site, keeping operations running smoothly.

    6. Praise the Lord for the completed renovations of the guest house at the TWR Swaziland transmitter site. This guest house will provide a place for guests to stay when visiting the TWR Swaziland team.

    7. We are working with a team in West Africa to translate and produce a shortened version of Thru the Bible into Hassaniya. Pray for safety and courage for those involved as they work to provide this resource to a primarily Muslim nation.

    8. Pray for Hassaniya-speaking believers, that they would grow in their faith through this Thru the Bible material.

    9. Pray for the people in the Kakuma Refugee Camp in Northern Kenya. TWR Canada is working with TWR Kenya to raise funds for an FM transmitter to reach over 180,000 people in this camp. Though refugees living here may not be official citizens of any country on earth, pray that as a result of the new FM transmitter they would find hope in Jesus Christ and find their citizenship in heaven. 

    10. Praise the Lord for the opportunity to partner with TWR Burundi in purchasing a building to continue to minister there. God is making a way for the ministry to move forward in this unexpected and exciting way. Please pray for the remaining funds needed for the purchase and renovations of this building.

    11. TWR Canada’s Chinese ministry team moved into their new office in July of 2018. Praise the Lord for the provision of a new space to better meet their needs.

    12. Pray for the conferences and workshops hosted in the Chinese ministry office for Chinese pastors.

    13. As TWR Canada’s head office continues to settle into their new office space, join us in praising the Lord for the provision of space to grow our ministry and follow the Lord’s leading in new directions.

    14. The space in TWR Canada’s new head office has allowed us to create a video studio. As we begin using the video studio, pray for the future projects which will be created here.

    15. Pray for missionary Jeremy Mullin as he coordinates the use of and works with those using the TWR Canada audio studio. Praise the Lord for the ability to produce audio programs, such as the Arabic and Spanish children’s Bible stories, from our office.

    16. Pray for missionary Carol Hawkins as she works in the TWR Canada office. One of her tasks is receiving prayer requests through the TWR Canada website. The TWR Canada staff gather each morning to pray for these requests.

    17. The Bonaire transmitter was upgraded nearly 18 months ago. We continue to receive responses from many places. Praise the Lord that the signal from Bonaire is stronger and clearer, reaching further than before. This listener from Venezuela said, “What a blessing! This is the first time I have heard Shine from my location.”

    18. Our conference centre in Central Asia is used for our Persian ministry conferences. Pray for the Persian believers who attend, that they would grow in their faith and understanding of our great God.

    19. Pray for those who will attend one of the eight Persian ministry conferences this year. Praise the Lord for their willingness to attend, and pray that the Holy Spirit would work in their lives as they hear God’s Word preached. 20. Pray for Tony as he coordinates the conferences and encourages and counsels Persian believers.

    21. TWR Canada partnered with 4VEH Haiti to replace their batteries which are used overnight to continue broadcasting. Praise the Lord that the new batteries are holding a charge of 15 hours, compared to the 30-minute charge the old batteries held at the time of replacement!

    22. Praise the Lord that the new satellite in Bolivia is able to reach previously unreached locations with the gospel.

    23. Pray that God’s Word would change the lives of the people in Bolivia who are now hearing the good news of Jesus Christ because of the satellite.

    24. Pray for the distribution of radio home kits to radio home groups in India and Bangladesh. In India, we have partnered with TWR India to distribute over 7,000 radio home kits in over 50 languages. One of our distribution partners reported: “We are blessed by these media players. Many of our church members and their families are growing in the Lord. There are a lot more families who are waiting to be discipled as well. As many village pastors are not well trained, these media players help them to minister better.”   

    25. Audjourd’hui l’Espoir our Quebec ministry partner, is submitting a  a revised application to the CRTC for an FM station in Quebec. Pray that the revised application would be accepted.

    26. Praise the Lord for the churches that have already agreed to partner with our team in Quebec to put repeater stations on their church properties which will extend the reach of the FM station across Quebec. Pray for more churches to partner in this way.

    27. Pray for missionaries Vincent and Trina Collet and their daughters, serving in France. Pray for Vincent as he serves as the administrative manager at a Christian radio station in Lyon.

    28. Praise the Lord for the reach that TWR Ukraine is having among youth and young adults using social media. Pray for wisdom for the TWR Ukraine team as they share God’s truth and choose what to focus on in their posts on Instagram and YouTube.

    29. Pray for those who are engaging with TWR Ukraine’s Instagram posts, such as this person who said, “When I scan through Instagram, my mind is sometimes miles away from reality, but reading your posts makes me return to reality. You are reminding us as to what really counts!”

    30. Around the world, we distribute Discipleship Essentials on SD cards. Pray for those receiving these SD cards, that they would grow in their faith as a result of this discipleship material. 

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