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    July 2019 Prayer Guide

    June 30, 2019 By the TWR Canada Team
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    TWR Canada's Discipleship Initiatives 

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    Jesus’ final command was to make disciples of all nations, but obeying this command is difficult for many people and even churches around the world. In some areas, there are few trained leaders to disciple a church that is growing quickly. In other areas, they lack resources or religious freedom.

    TWR Canada has been responding to this need for decades by faithfully broadcasting radio programs with biblical teaching and instruction in Christ-like living. We also use other technology to help people grow in their faith. Online platforms equip people to disciple others, and discipleship programming on media devices or SD cards can teach a church without a pastor. In addition, we hold training conferences, and local workers are equipping churches and helping individuals grow in their faith.

    We receive feedback from our partners all over the world:

    “The messages we hear through the radio home group have helped me better my understanding of the Scriptures. It has helped me to realize that I need to be forgiving and accepting towards people even if they reject me. Jesus did exactly that; even though his own people rejected him and refused to understand him, he still chose to forgive them. I have learned that I need to do exactly that and pray for those that reject me. ”  - A member of a radio home group in India.

    “Many thanks dear brothers for the blessing I have received through your Bible study of Thru The Bible. I have been listening for about seven years and it has been and still is food to my spirit every day.” - Rafael, Cuba

    This month we are praying for TWR Canada’s discipleship initiatives around the world.

     Please join us in praying ...

    1. Pray for those who volunteer to answer calls on Aujourd’hui l’Espoir’s Hope Line in Quebec. Pray for those who are calling in, wanting to grow in their faith, and pray for the volunteers to have wisdom in answering questions.

    2. Vincent and Trina Collet are serving in France at Phare FM. Pray for the programming, such as Saveurs Anglophones which Trina works on, that it would encourage French believers in their faith.

    3. Pray for Roma believers living in Prilep, Macedonia who listen to the Voice of Truth radio program produced by a local pastor. Pray that their faith would be deepened as a result of this program.

    4. Pray for those who are listening to the children’s Bible stories in English, Arabic, Spanish, Mandarin and Swahili on TWR360. Pray that children and families would engage with the stories together and grow in their faith as a family.

    5. Praise the Lord for what RTM Cuba is calling their new phone ministry! RTM Cuba partnered with another ministry to distribute a daily devotional for 2019, which included RTM Cuba’s contact information. They have received calls daily from people who have discovered RTM Cuba through this devotional and are seeking encouragement and advice.

    6. RTM Cuba is directing the new contacts to listen to the broadcasts from Bonaire. Pray for these new listeners, that they would grow in their faith through these broadcasts.

    7. Pray for William, TWR Canada’s Chinese Ministry Director, as he coordinates and teaches at SOTA camps.

    8. Pray for the upcoming SOTA camps. Pray for the preparations and for safety of those attending.

    9. Pray for the production of the new SOTA courses, to train Chinese church leaders in China and around the world.

    10. Pray for the distribution of Cantonese and Mandarin media players in China. Many of these players are distributed to seniors. Pray for them as they listen to the programming on the players and praise the Lord that the seniors have this opportunity to hear the Word preached!

    11. The Amazigh people group in North Africa are primarily Muslim. TWR produces programming like Thru the Bible and TWR Women of Hope in their language. Pray for the production of new programming and the repurposing of older programs for Amazigh believers.

    12. We are working on a strategy to grow our follow-up initiatives with the Amazigh people. Pray for the development of a new follow-up strategy.

    13. Canadian missionaries Henry and Anna Penner serve with RTM Bolivia. Much of their ministry is with the local Mennonites, who are discouraged from having a better understanding of the Bible. Pray for the relationships Henry and Anna have, that there would be an openness to a better understanding of the Bible and a willingness to learn more.

    14. Praise the Lord for the incredible growth in the number of radio home groups in Bangladesh. In January 2019, there were 330 radio home groups in Bangladesh. By the end of April 2019, there were 736!

    15. Praise the Lord that TWR Bangladesh has seen a radio home group complete the Thru the Bible study on Luke. This is the first group in Bangladesh to complete the study of a whole book. Pray for the other radio home groups across Bangladesh, that they would persevere in their studies and grow in knowledge and understanding.

    16. Pray for the distribution of radio home kits to unreached people groups across India. Pray for the believers among these groups, that they would find the radio home kits to be a beneficial resource that helps them grow in their faith.

    17. Praise the Lord for how he is working in India and Bangladesh through the radio home groups. We receive story after story from members sharing how the radio home kit enables them to grow in their faith, such as this testimony from India: “We are blessed by these media players. Many of our church members and their families are growing in the Lord. There are a lot more families who are waiting to be discipled as well. Since many village pastors are not well trained, these media players help them to minister better.”

    18. After the Easter Sunday bombings in Sri Lanka, the team in Sri Lanka produced special programming of God’s Unique Book. Praise the Lord for the positive impact this programming is having on those who have listened. One listener shared: “Thank you very much for broadcasting this program as an answer to the current situation my country is facing. This program has comforted my heart. Thank you.”

    19. The team in Sri Lanka is distributing the special programming of God’s Unique Book on CDs to people and churches affected by the Easter Sunday bombings. Pray for the individuals and churches who will receive these CDs, that they will seek God more closely in the aftermath of tragedy.

    20. Pray for the radio programming in Burundi, Good News for All and Jesus is the Answer. Pray that listeners would be encouraged in their faith.

    21. Praise the Lord that Discipleship Essentials is now available online in 12 languages! Pray for those who access these materials online, that they would find the material beneficial in their walk with God.

    22. In Edmonton, our Urdu DE Champions are seeing multiplication in their discipleship groups. Praise the Lord that these discipled believers are going out and discipling other believers!

    23. Pray for DE training events happening across North Africa and the Middle East. Pray for the church leaders who attend, that they would be able to take what they learn and implement it in their churches.

    24. Pray for the over 6,000 discipleship groups across North Africa and the Middle East. Praise the Lord for the work he is doing in and through these groups.

    25. Pray for Tony, as he leads TWR Canada’s Persian Ministry by discipling and encouraging Persian believers. Tony receives calls daily from Persian believers seeking discipleship. Pray for wisdom as he speaks with them.

    26. Praise the Lord for opportunities for Persian believers to gather together at conferences in Central Asia. These conferences are a time of learning, fellowship and encouragement for believers.

    27. Pray for the conferences for Persian believers, that those who come would grow in their faith and be encouraged to stand firm.

    28. Pray for the continued development of TWR Women of Hope’s new discipleship program, Discover Hope. Pray for the TWR Kenya team as they continue to write scripts for the program and seek feedback from listeners on these scripts before production.

    29.. TWR Women of Hope prayer groups meet regularly to pray through the prayer calendar in their language. Pray for the discipleship and mentoring relationships which happen in these meetings.

    30.. Around the world, we distribute portable media such as media players, SD cards and USBs. Pray for those who receive these, that they would grow in their faith as they listen.

    31. Pray for safety for those who are distributing portable media devices, sometimes in areas which are hostile to the gospel.

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