July 2018 Prayer Calendar - Trans World Radio Canada

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  • Join us in praying through the month of July.


    July 1 - 7

    Kevin & Lynn Baker
    Bonaire, Caribbean

    The Bakers were career missionaries with TWR from 1995-2000 on the island of Bonaire. In 2013, they returned to Bonaire, where the gospel is broadcast into the Caribbean and Latin America. Kevin’s skills are a great asset to the maintenance crew. Lynn assists the team by hosting guests and serving with administration

    Pray for the Lord’s protection and strength for Kevin and others who are involved with maintenance.

    Praise the Lord for the high-powered transmitter that began airing earlier this year. We have already heard from new listeners who were touched by the broadcasts.

    Pray for Lynn as she assists with hosting volunteers and work teams who are serving with TWR Bonaire. Praise the Lord for the assistance and encouragement provided by these teams.

    Pray for the Bakers as they look ahead to retirement in the next few years. Pray that the Lord’s direction would be clear to them.

    Pray for the Bakers as they are apart from their children and grandchildren.


    July 8 - 14

    Tony & Iris

    Persian-Speaking World

    Tony is the director of TWR Canada’s Persian ministry. He and his coworkers produce gospel radio programs that are broadcast by internet and satellite to the Persian-speaking world. The team also corresponds with listeners and assists believers in their Christian growth.

    Pray for people attending Christian conferences, for safety in travel and at the border. As well, pray for the Lord’s guidance for plans that would enable more people to attend conferences.

    Pray for Tony’s wife, Iris, as she battles terminal cancer. Praise the Lord for the sustaining health he has given her recently.

    Praise the Lord for Tony and Iris’ children, who have been a support to Iris. Pray for their encouragement as they walk this journey with her.

    Pray for others to take on Tony’s responsibilities as he cares for Iris.

    Pray for continued blessing and encouragement for Tony and his team as they minister to people in a difficult area.

    July 15 - 21

    Short-Term Missionaries


    The Lord continues to bless the ministry of TWR by providing people who can fill the various service needs at our facilities around the world. Sometimes these needs are filled by short-term missionaries who are able to reduce a heavy workload for a time, to fill a gap while a long-term missionary goes on furlough, or to complete a one-time project. These people leave their homes and lives for several months to a few years and are a welcome encouragement and support to long-term missionaries and local workers on the field. Praise the Lord for these people, from almost every age and stage of life, who serve TWR in this way.

    Pray for the MacEwans who are currently on a short-term assignment in Vienna, Austria, where they are assisting with the transition of TWR Europe’s office.

    Some missionaries begin with TWR on a short-term assignment before committing to full-time career ministry. We praise the Lord for the Dunlops in South Africa and the Penners in Bolivia, who recently became career missionaries after short-term assignments.

    Pray that short-term missionaries would be open to and discerning of the Lord’s direction in their lives, be it long-term international missions or another path.

    Pray for short-term missionaries who are raising support. Pray that they would receive generous financial and prayer support from their communities and churches. Pray for encouragement as they prepare to serve overseas.

    Pray for additional short-term missionaries and work teams to complete special projects or to reduce heavy workloads. Whether they are professionals taking a leave from work to serve, retirees wanting to make a difference or young people looking for direction for their future, thank the Lord for so many people who sacrifice in this way.


    July 22 - 28

    China Ministry Centre

    Toronto, Ontario

    TWR Canada’s China ministry continues to grow. Within Canada, our Chinese ministry team holds leadership development seminars and events to train leaders within the Chinese Canadian church. We have also started to do some production in Canada, including audio programming of bible stories for children.

    Our current China ministry centre is insufficient for this growth, so TWR Canada has recently purchased a building that can better support our needs. We are excited for renovations to soon be complete so that we can begin to use this building for ministry.

    Praise the Lord for the provision of the new ministry centre. Pray for a timely completion of renovations.

    We have been amazed and humbled by God’s financial provisions for this project. Praise the Lord that the cost of the building and the renovations are completely paid for.

    Praise the Lord that TWR Canada can support the Canadian Chinese church through seminars and events. Pray for spiritual growth through these events.

    Praise the Lord for the new ministry projects that can now take place in this new building. Pray that God would bring many to himself in Canada and China.

    Pray for director William Tsui and the TWR Chinese staff as they work together to minister to the Chinese church within Canada as well as promote the work of TWR Canada in China.


    July 29 - August 4

    Tools for Wise Leadership


    The program Tools for Wise Leadership was created to equip Christian ministry leaders and others in leadership positions in Africa. It has been airing since 2004 over various radio transmitters. Now, leaders can also listen to this program on the TWR360 mobile phone app and discuss the program topics on the Tools for Wise Leadership Facebook page.

    Pray that through Tools for Wise Leadership leaders would learn and apply godly leadership principles to their ministries, strengthening churches and Christians in Zimbabwe.

    This program uses social media to reach out to more people and encourage listeners to interact. Pray that this would be effective for God’s glory.

    Pray for a current project to engage and gather information from listeners. Pray that this will lead to increased impact, reach and quality of future programming.

    Pray that Christian leaders in Zimbabwe would be a witness to non-believers in their workplaces, homes and communities.



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