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    January 2019 Prayer Calendar

    December 31, 2018 By The TWR Canada Team

    TWR Canada Evangelism Initiatives 

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    For people who have no Christian connection in their lives, media can be the first and sometimes the only way they can learn about the God of the Bible. In areas where religion is determined by the government or tradition, internet and radio can be a safe option for someone searching for answers. Even in places where there are many churches, some people are unable to attend for personal, cultural, family or other reasons. And in some cases, media can be a way for Christians to learn and deepen their faith in situations where there are few other options to do so. The ministry of Trans World Radio aims to reach these people.

    Media is also a cost-effective and accessible tool that enables us to share the good news of Christ with a large number of people. TWR’s coverage encompasses a substantial area of the world, enabling us to reach many unreached people groups, people in the 10/40 window and in otherwise closed countries. To further assist those who want to deepen their knowledge of Christianity, we also partner with local churches and ministries who connect with listeners and provide follow-up and discipleship. We also assist these on-the-ground partners to use media to enhance their evangelism strategies.

    This month, please join us in praying for TWR Canada’s evangelism initiatives worldwide. May there be many who will come to know the true hope found only in Christ! 

    "Thank you very much for this good program of Jesus is the Answer. I have heard your program so many times and I like it so much. But it has been difficult for me to decide to take action for Jesus. Please pray for me, as now I want to receive Jesus as my Saviour and live for him.” - A listener in Burundi

    1. TWR operates a 100 kilowatt transmitter in West Africa, broadcasting to a total potential audience of approximately 190 million people. Pray that many people would hear these programs and turn to Christ.

    2. Praise the Lord for Garth and Fiona Kennedy, missionaries serving at our West Africa transmitter, who have a vision to be a light in their local region as well as across the continent. Pray for Garth, the station manager, as he oversees the operation.

    3. Praise the Lord that we have been granted permission to begin building a second transmitter in West Africa. This signal will be directionally-focused into a neighbouring country where most residents follow Islam.

    4. Pray for teams who will travel to our West Africa site this year to assist in constructing the second transmitter.

    5. Pray that we would obtain a licence to broadcast programming from our second transmitter in West Africa once construction is complete.

    6. Pray for our children’s programming aired in Kenya and Malawi. Pray that many children would listen to the programs and that they and their families would discover the good news of Christ.

    7. Pray that many will tune in to the evangelistic programs aired nationwide in Burundi, Good News for All and Jesus is the Answer. One listener told us, “I like this program and it has been a good teacher. I have decided to follow Jesus because I am tired of running to earthly things. I used to go to witch doctors and struggle with drug addiction, but now I praise God because your prayers have changed me and made me a new creature.”

    8. The program The Way of Righteousness teaches those who are unfamiliar with Christianity, especially Muslims, about the Christian faith. Pray for this program as it is produced and aired in the Kirundi language in Burundi.

    9. Pray for distribution of The Way of Righteousness in the Nubi (Uganda) and Arabic (Africa and the Middle East) languages, distributed on media devices.

    10. Praise the Lord for missionaries who strive to be a light in all they do. Pray for the Dunlop family in South Africa as they volunteer at their church and at a pregnancy centre, along with serving at TWR.

    11. Pray for women who feel a sense of worthlessness or hopelessness. Pray that they might hear a radio program or be connected with a TWR Women of Hope prayer group where they can discover their true identity in Christ.

    12. Pray for the many who live in societies where they are taught that the Christian God is false. Pray that they may be open and curious about Christianity and that they would be able to find the answers they seek.

    13. Many people around the world live in isolated villages and are difficult to reach. Radio is often the most effective form of communication. Pray that these people would hear the good news.

    14. TWR’s SON-Lift project aims to reach 106 unreached people groups in China (a population of 100 million) using audio players. Pray that many would follow Christ as a result.

    15. TWR India has a desire to share the message of the gospel to many of the unreached people groups in India. Pray for programs that will be translated into some of the minority languages. TWR India aims to have programs in a total of 150 languages by 2020.

    16. TWR India has developed an infrastructure to create at least 100 TWR listener groups (also called radio home groups) in each of these 150 languages. Praise God that existing listener groups not only listen to the programs and discuss them together, but also reach out to non-believing family and neighbours.

    17. In Nepal, the Kham Magar people are one of the least-reached people groups. A Kham-language program airs twice weekly on two stations in Nepal. Pray that producers and presenters would have God’s wisdom in preparing programs that touch the hearts and souls of those who listen.

    18. In Sri Lanka, Buddhism is the dominant religion. Pray for the radio program God’s Unique Book, which presents the gospel through story-telling while addressing the Buddhist worldview. Praise the Lord for listeners such as the one who wrote us, “I am a Buddhist nun... I accidently listened to your program on science and the Word of God and it was very nice...I want to thank you and I hope to learn more about God from you.”

    19. Pray for the TWR team in Sri Lanka as they continue to work towards addressing listeners’ spiritual needs and engage with listeners beyond the radio programs.

    20. Pray for initiatives across South America to spread the gospel to unbelievers through the radio, internet or other media. Pray for TWR Canada missionary Steve Shantz who oversees TWR’s ministry in Latin America and the Caribbean.

    21. Praise the Lord that the signal from our transmitter in Bonaire was significantly increased one year ago. Our signal now reaches South America, the Caribbean and beyond. Pray for missionaries and local staff who keep this station running, including Canadian missionaries Kevin and Lynn Baker.

    22. Our TWR Cuba director, Alberto Gonzalez, meets with listeners and occasionally has the opportunity to baptize new believers. Praise the Lord for new believers in Cuba. Pray for new programs being developed to guide the growing church.

    23. Pray for further personnel to respond to listener correspondence in Cuba. Because of our signal upgrade, our team receives many more letters and emails and needs assistance responding to each individual.

    24. In Bolivia, there are many Mennonite colonies where an understanding of Christ and his grace are discouraged. Pray that many would hear the truth and follow the true God who loves them and died for them.

    25. Pray for the Penners, a Canadian missionary family who lives in Bolivia, managing the TWR station and visiting the colonies. Pray that they would build positive relationships and many Mennonites would come to know the truth.

    26. The TWR Bolivia team has distributed many media players to Mennonites in the colonies. Pray that those who receive them would be open to the message of the gospel.

    27. Pray for the distribution of evangelistic content on SD cards to people in closed-access countries. Some are distributed to travellers close to the border and others by contacts in-country. Pray for the safety of the distributors and openness from recipients.

    28. Pray for TWR Canada Bible distributions around the world, carried out in partnership with Shareword Global (formerly the Gideons International in Canada). Recipients receive a Bible (perhaps the first book they own in their language) as well as information about TWR radio stations and contact information. Pray that recipients would learn more about the true God and the love he has for them.

    29. Pray for Tony, our Persian ministry director, as he is contacted by Persian speakers who heard a radio or internet program but are unfamiliar with Christianity. Pray that he would be sensitive to the Spirit’s leading and that listeners would be receptive to the truth.

    30. Praise the Lord for Persian speakers who are non-believers and attend a Christian conference. Pray for their salvation as well as connection with believers who can support and mentor them.

    31. Pray for Arabic and Persian speakers who are desperate for hope. Pray that they would turn on a radio station, develop a new friend or speak with a neighbour who will introduce them to the truth.

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