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    February 2019 Prayer Calendar

    January 29, 2019 The TWR Canada Team

    TWR Canada's Missionaries

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    At TWR Canada, we are passionate about sharing the message of Christ with the world. Programs and technology are so essential to how we do this. However, to effectively reach people around the world with the gospel, we also need gifted people to make it happen. This includes local churches, individuals and staff, as well as overseas missionaries working together. 

    Our missionaries are skilled individuals who desire to reach the world for Christ and sense a calling to do so, either here in Canada or overseas. They use their technical skills in a short-term or long-term context to serve at local TWR offices and/or transmitting stations, working with local staff and volunteers to effectively broadcast the hope of Christ. Currently we have six Canadian missionary families serving overseas and five serving within Canada. Do you want to learn more about how you can get involved? Visit us at 

    This month we are praying for TWR Canada’s missionaries ...

    1. Tony and Iris have faithfully served the Lord in the Persian-speaking world for close to 40 years. In this area of the world, following Christ is a difficult decision that usually results in persecution, rejection or even incarceration.  Pray for Tony as he ministers to believers in this region. 

    2. Our Persian ministry director’s wife, Iris, continues to battle terminal cancer. Pray for freedom from pain and that she and her family would continue to trust God and cling to hope found only in him. 

    3. Pray that while they walk this journey of Iris’ cancer, Tony and Iris would continue to shine as a light for Christ to inspire those they minister to as well as their family, friends and medical staff. 

    4. Nathan and Megan Dunlop are serving in South Africa where Nathan works on a variety of production projects, including the production of Women of Hope in Xhosa, a South African language. Pray that many would be touched by this radio broadcast and come to know the saving hope of Christ.   

    5. Pray for plans in South Africa to develop or broadcast programs for a targeted age demographic, such as Zulu children’s programming and Chase the Wind, a radio drama for young people which Nathan Dunlop helped develop.  

    6. Pray for the Clarkes, serving in Swaziland, as well as the Penners, serving in Bolivia, as they are home on furlough raising support for their ministry. Due to health plan cost increases and currency conversions, both families need to raise a significant amount of financial support. 

    7. As Greg and Ingrid Clarke are home from Swaziland on furlough, pray for rest and renewal after a busy season of ministry. 

    8. Pray for Henry and Anna Penner as they serve in producing RTM (TWR) Bolivia’s Low German radio programs, providing oversight for property maintenance and conducting outreach to Mennonites in the area. As they manage a wide variety of responsibilities, pray for local volunteers to assist with their work. 

    9. Pray for the Penners as they reach out to Mennonites living in colonies in Bolivia. Pray for openness among those they visit as well as discretion as to where and with who to make connections. 

    10. Some Mennonites listen to RTM (TWR) Bolivia’s Low German radio station but may be afraid to take a step to follow Christ, fearing repercussions within their family or community who could shun them. Pray that God would fill them with his courage in following him. 

    11. Pray for Vincent and Trina Collet and their children, who moved to France this summer where Vincent is a station manager at a Christian radio station in Lyon. Pray that Vincent would settle well into his role and that the family would integrate well into their local community. 

    12. Pray for the Collets as the station where they serve in France, PHARE-FM, is moving offices. Pray for a smooth transition, as well as for God to work out the details of this move. 

    13. Pray for additional staff and volunteers to support Vincent Collet as he manages the radio ministry of PHARE-FM in Lyon, France.  

    14. Jonathan Griffiths has served in TWR’s office in Vienna for the past 15 years. When the regional office moved to Cypress in the summer, he began to transition into a different role as an advisor for TWR Women of Hope. Pray that he will adjust well to this role. 

    15. Pray for clarity for the visa process for Jonathan Griffiths as he continues to serve in Austria. Brexit is causing some uncertainty for Jonathan, who holds dual Canadian/UK citizenship. 

    16. Jonathan and Bel Griffiths have befriended and are witnessing to several contacts in their local community who do not know God. Pray for their salvation.   

    17. Pray for Carol Hawkins as she assists TWR Europe Media Services with special projects related to broadcast scheduling. Pray also for the work of TWR missionaries throughout Europe, an area where it can be difficult to minister.  

    18. Steve Shantz serveswith TWR as VIce President of Latin American Ministry. Pray for safety when he travels, visiting partner offices, connecting with listeners and overseeing changes in the region.

    19. One of the areas where Steve Shantz oversees ministry is Venezuela, a ministry that is continuing in the face of rapid inflation and deteriorating infrastructure. A significant number of Venezuelans have left the country, and we praise the Lord for the faithfulness of the staff team who continue to be a light in the darkness despite significant challenges. Pray that Steve would provide effective leadership and encouragement to this team. 

    20. TWR’s ministry on the island of Bonaire has welcomed a new leader. Pray for an efficient transition as well as for Steve Shantz as he oversees this change. 

    21. Kevin and Lynn Baker work at the Bonaire transmitter station. Praise the Lord that recently the team on Bonaire shipped unused parts of the transmitter to be used to build a radio transmitter in West Africa. 

    22. Kevin and Lynn Baker plan to visit Canada this summer to prepare for retirement in 2020. Pray for all the details of the move and transition. 

    23. Ray Alary, TWR Canada president, oversees short-term and long-term assignments for Canadian missionaries. As new missionaries apply for service and other missionaries approach retirement, pray for God’s clarity and for details to be worked out efficiently.  

    24. Canadian missionaries are often invited to speak at supporting churches across Canada. Pray that many Canadians would be inspired by God’s work across the globe and commit to praying and giving to assist in this work. 

    25. McDaniel and Blossom Phillips have served globally with TWR for many yeras. McDaniel now directs the development of Discipleship Essentials. Pray for him as he conducts training sessions for DE around the world and for Blossom when he is away for extended periods. 

    26. Pray for William Tsui as he serves in Canada, directing TWR Canada’s Chinese ministry. Pray for safety as he travels to Asia and for energy as he continues to grow this ministry.  

    27. Jeremy Mullin serves within the Canadian office, working on IT in Canada and for overseas projects. Pray for the production of children’s Bible story programs in Arabic and Spanish, which Jeremy is working on. Pray also for Heidi as she balances life at home with five children. 

    28. Ray and Sandy Alary serve in the Canadian office after many years overseas. Ray leads the ministry as President and Sandy volunteers regularly in the office. Pray for wisdom and energy as Ray leads the ministry of TWR Canada around the world. 

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