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    December 2018 Prayer Calendar

    December 2, 2018 By the TWR Canada Team
    December 2 - 8
    Rick & Carol Hawkins
    London, Ontario

    The Hawkins served with TWR in the Netherlands for 23 years where Rick was the IT/IS Administrator for the TWR European offices.  Carol looked after broadcast schedule administration and training with TWR Europe Media Services. They returned to Canada in September 2016 and Rick retired in January 2017. Carol now works in TWR Canada Donor Services while helping with TWR Europe projects. Rick helps the other TWR volunteers with mailings.  

    • Praise the Lord for his faithfulness through the Hawkins’ years overseas and their transition back to Canada. 

    • Thank the Lord for all the churches and individuals who have stood with them through prayer and financial  

    • support.  

    • Praise God for Rick’s good health and recovery from recent pancreatitis and gallbladder surgery. 

    • Praise the Lord that he makes use of Carol’s years of experience with TWR as she speaks with TWR Canada donors. Pray that she will be sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s leading as she listens to donors and shares what the Lord is doing through TWR.

    December 9 - 15
    McDaniel & Blossom Phillips

    London, ON

    In 1984, McDaniel and Blossom began serving at TWR’s station on the Caribbean island of Bonaire. Since then, they have also worked in North Carolina and Singapore. They are currently serving in the Canadian office, where McDaniel manages Discipleship Essentials, a media-based multi-platform and multilingual discipleship training tool.  

    • Pray for wisdom for McDaniel as he oversees the development of Discipleship Essentials. This exciting project is currently available in ten languages and training is taking place in Asia and the Middle East. 

    • Pray for a new discipleship training tool being developed in the Gulf States in partnership with a local church there. 

    • Pray for McDaniel to remain healthy as he continues with a demanding travel schedule. 

    • Pray for healing for Blossom as the condition of her back has continued to deteriorate; pray for a quick surgery date and a successful surgery.   

    • Pray for the family as they supply ongoing care to Blossom’s mother, who has been in palliative care for the past number of years.  

    December 16 - 22
    TWR Africa
    Speaking Hope to Africa

    From modest beginnings in 1974 in Swaziland, TWR Africa has grown into a broadcasting network airing programs in over 65 languages and dialects to more than 40 countries in sub-Saharan Africa. TWR’s Africa Regional Support Services office is located in Johannesburg, South Africa. Programs are produced in nine TWR national offices as well as by many other Christian partners.  

    The ARSS is responsible for coordinating ministry in Africa including strategic planning, follow-up, fundraising, administration, preparing programs, scheduling and reporting. TWR Canada partners with this ministry through program production and airtime, listener engagement activity and follow-up, translation and printing, Bible distribution, supporting national workers and more.  

    Throughout Africa, TWR is proclaiming the gospel through Bible storytelling, Bible studies, women’s and children’s programs, praise music, training in leadership and addressing health issues such as HIV/AIDS. 

    • Pray for children’s radio programming in Kenya and Malawi. These new programs have already received excellent response from listeners. Pray especially for initiatives to include children in producing these programs.  

    • Pray for African women who are touched by the TWR Women of Hope prayer and media ministry. Pray that they will receive healing and salvation from Jesus.  

    • Pray for programs being distributed on media players to the Nubian community in Uganda. Our East Africa director reports, “Those who listened that day were so joyous to hear something on the players in their own language! This is something that has never happened before. In fact, there has never been a single audio message for this group of people, either on the radio or on any other media platform. By the time I left, word had spread, and the pastor was getting calls from people who wanted to have their own player!” 

    • Pray for The Way of Righteousness being broadcast in Burundi, as well as for other initiatives to help churches reach out to Muslims.   

    • Pray for many to listen to the regular broadcasts of Tools for Wise Leadership and Good News for All in Zimbabwe and surrounding regions. Pray that many will turn to Christ or follow him more closely because of these programs.  

    • Pray for safety and health for staff within TWR Africa, especially as they travel. Pray also for further personnel to meet needs throughout Africa. 

    December 23 - 29
    The Year in Review

    TWR Canada

    This year we have seen the Lord work in many ways through TWR Canada. Most notably, we  purchased buildings for our China ministry as well as for our head office. God blessed us with full funding for both of these buildings! These buildings allow us to expand our ministry now and for years to come.  

    Our children’s Bible stories project has made excellent progress this year; these programs and books are available online in five languages! As well, the radio programs are being aired in Kenya and Malawi, where they are well-received.   

    Our ministry in Cuba has expanded with the increase of power from our transmitter on Bonaire. Listeners from all over Cuba have responded that they are excited about hearing our programs clearly. We are also receiving responses from listeners in a much wider area, including Florida and parts of South America!   

    Radio home groups are expanding and multiplying in India and Sri Lanka. These groups consist of up to 10 families listening to the programs together and discussing them. As of mid-way through 2018, there were 1,600 in India alone! These groups are excited to evangelize and invite people to their groups, and we are excited to partner with TWR India  and TWR Sri Lanka to equip these groups to share the gospel and deepen their faith. 

    This year has presented challenges as well. Increased persecution in China has led to difficulty in our SOTA program and in the Chinese church in general. Persecution is also increasing among our connections in Iran. We know that God is in control, and we depend on him to use the situation in each area to continue to draw people to himself. 

    • Praise the Lord for the gift of his son, born into our world to save us from our sin. Praise the Lord for every way he continues to work in our world and bring hope to those who need it. 

    • Pray for TWR radio waves to be clear. Pray that this Christmas, many would hear the message of new life that can be theirs in Christ. 

    • Praise the Lord for the growing church around the world, especially in India and Nepal. Pray that even more people would hear the Good News and receive the gift of salvation.  

    • Pray for each student of SOTA, each listener in Iran, and each believer facing persecution throughout the world. Pray that they would remain strong in their faith and determined to stand against persecution.  

    • Praise the Lord for many donors who give sacrificially to TWR. Each of these donors  plays a key part in ministry around the world. Thank you.

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