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    April 2019 Prayer Calendar

    March 31, 2019 By the TWR Canada Team
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    TWR Canada’s Canadian Ministry

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    TWR Canada seeks to reach the whole world for Christ. It is easy to think that the need is only overseas, but God is working in Canada too! While the focus of TWR Canada’s ministry has traditionally been on building the church in under-resourced places, we recognize a need for biblically-based media right here in Canada.

    In Quebec, we use radio, television and the internet to minister to people in French and offer follow-up to listeners. This is one of many stories we hear from the Hope Line volunteers:

    “I was following up with a man who repeatedly contacts Aujourd’hui l’Espoir, requesting the free spiritual resources we offer. In fact, I can’t count the number of times I’ve already delivered this man literature. Finally, after having spoken to him on the phone several times, I asked him if he was born again. He said that yes, he was saved. I continued, asking him if he attended an evangelical church, to which he replied that he didn’t. I then explained how God thinks that local church attendance is important because it provides his followers with a place to both grow and serve. Several months later, he phoned me to tell me that I was right and that he was ready to begin attending church. Over the past few weeks, his attendance had been very consistent, and he is happy. He is a true child of God.”

    We are also using existing resources and developing new tools to help Canadian churches reach out effectively to their neighbours. As we create and expand these tools and as new ministry develops, we pray that many Canadians would discover the hope of Christ.

     Please join us in praying ...

    1. Over the past few years, we have been working towards creating a Christian FM station for Quebec. The station will broadcast from a central station with regional repeater stations across the province. Pray for the partnership opportunities to set up repeater station locations.

    2. Recently we received notice that our Quebec FM transmitter licence was denied on account of technicalities. Pray for the reapplication of this licence, that the changes that have been made to the application would be acceptable and that the licence would be granted.

    3. The Hope Line is our Quebec partner Aujourd’hui l’Espoir’s follow-up phone line for viewers and listeners to respond to our radio and TV programs. Pray for volunteers who answer these calls and respond to questions and prayer requests.

    4. Pray for the churches in Quebec who assist Aujourd’hui l’Espoir with follow-up, connecting with listeners and sharing the hope of Christ with them. Pray that the Lord would continue to work through their ministry, drawing many to himself.

    5. TWR Canada partners with many like-minded ministries with similar goals, allowing us to reach more people when we work together. Pray for guidance in these relationships.

    6. Pray for fruitful conversations and partnership opportunities for Jason Brown, director of ministry initiatives and engagement, as he attends a conference next week with many media ministries and practitioners from around the world.

    7. Pray for safety and sustained energy for TWR Canada President Ray Alary as he continues to travel both in Canada and internationally over the next few months. Pray also for his wife Sandy, who often remains home while Ray travels.

    8. Pray for Nicki Coles, communications manager, as she interacts with TWR Canada friends, supporters and partners. Also pray for health and safety as she coordinates a series of events in Alberta.

    9. Pray for TWR Canada as we develop Culture Cross training and other materials to assist churches who are working cross-culturally within Canada.

    10. Pray for TWR Canada’s efforts to develop more resources for Canadian churches, including a digital platform to allow churches and individuals to access TWR’s content for free use in their ministries.

    11. Pray for God’s provision of new missionaries and staff to join the TWR Canada team over the next few years, especially as some people look toward retirement.

    12. Pray for our Chinese team who works from their office in Toronto leading SOTA and other initiatives to reach the Chinese church both overseas and within Canada. Praise the Lord for the many Chinese believers who support the work of TWR Canada’s Chinese ministry.

    13. Pray for Jeremy Mullin, IT/IS administrator, as he works with Arabic and Spanish presenters to produce children’s audio Bible stories. Pray that these programs would be effective and would draw many listeners closer to God.

    14. Pray for Eliza, our project administrator, as she oversees the translation and production of projects like children’s Bible stories and Discipleship Essentials.

    15. Pray for McDaniel Phillips as he travels extensively to train leaders in Discipleship Essentials. Pray that this ministry would continue to expand and help believers around the world deepen their faith.

    16. Praise the Lord for the TWR Canada board and the time they are able to dedicate to serving our ministry.

    17. Pray for Dave Dunmore, director of support services, as he and his team carry out their finance, donor relations, human resources and information technology roles.

    18. Pray for Kathy as she is responsible for bookkeeping tasks such as maintaining accurate financial records.

    19. Praise the Lord that the ministry of TWR Canada has grown significantly over the past number of years, allowing us to reach more for Christ. Praise him for faithful donors who give sacrificially to the Lord’s work.

    20. Pray for Jennifer as she writes reports and articles to encourage Canadian donors regarding God’s work around the world.

    21. Pray against spiritual opposition or other distractions that could prevent the TWR Canada team from focusing on God’s work.

    22. Pray for Gwen in Human Resources as she assists applicants looking to serve with TWR Canada.

    23. Praise the Lord for the skilled missionary and staff team that God has provided to do ministry work in Canada and overseas. We are thankful for his provisions.

    24. Pray for wisdom and God’s leading for Colleen Shoemaker as she leads the TWR Women of Hope ministry in Canada.

    25. Pray for Irv Wilson as he shares with our supporters how a planned gift can bless them and TWR.

    26. Pray for Lindsey as she creates social media posts and videos to educate and inspire current and new supporters about the ministry of TWR Canada.

    27. Pray that God will continue to give Carol Hawkins wisdom as she acknowledges the prayer requests received through the TWR Canada website as well as when talking to donors on the phone.

    28. Pray for Sue in Donor Services as she interacts with donors over the phone, processes donations and prepares mailings.

    29. Praise the Lord for our faithful volunteer teams that assist with mailings. These volunteers have been serving with TWR for years, and their service has saved significantly on mailing costs, and they are an encouragement to the office staff.

    30. Praise the Lord for the volunteers across Canada who assist with events by calling donors, setting up venues and supporting in other important ways. Pray also for new volunteers to assist in this way.

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