In Light of the Ultimate Transition - Trans World Radio Canada

Transition is an interesting process, with feelings of excitement, anxiety, joy and fear all wound up together. For TWR Canada, we are in a time of transitioning from one leader to the next. Ray Alary has led this ministry well for the past ten years and the Lord has now called me into this position of leadership at TWR Canada.

Though small things may change in transition, one thing stays constant. Our faithful God is still using the ministry of TWR Canada to change hearts in the ultimate transition: from darkness to light, despair to hope and from eternal condemnation to eternal life in Christ Jesus.

As I’ve spent my first couple of weeks learning more about all of the ministries that TWR Canada is involved in, I’ve been encouraged learning about stories of transition and transformation in people across the globe.

I’m encouraged by stories about Muslims who are coming to faith and being discipled through Discipleship Essentials; about unreached people groups in India who are joining radio home groups and hearing the clear message of a God who loves them and speaks their own language; and about Buddhists in Sri Lanka who tune into God’s Unique Book and hear a message that causes them to call the on-the-ground team and ask questions, request prayer and report on their decision to follow Christ. Here’s an example from Bennett:

"I am a listener and a former Buddhist. I have been listening to your program [God’s Unique Book] for years. I made a decision to accept Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour and also to attend a church." 

I’m also excited about the work happening in partnership with Aujourd'hui l'Espoir in Quebec and the message of hope that is being transmitted from Bonaire to the island of Cuba and across Latin America. In Macedonia lives are being transformed as they hear the message and get connected in a local church. And in Burundi, people are hungry for the hope of Christ, like Rwananga who says, "I am happy to tell you that I have been greatly blessed by your program Good News for All. It comforts me and helps me to grow spiritually. It has proved to be a life changing program in the Kirundi-speaking community." 

And this is just the beginning. I could share testimony after testimony of God’s faithfulness. Here are a few more that have specifically stood out to me.

From Sabri in Macedonia: “My wife started attending church a year ago. I was very angry when I discovered this because she was hiding this from me. I was very rude to her, mentally and physically abusing her. I thought she betrayed me by that act because she had converted to Christianity. But she prayed for me and endured through it all. She didn’t want to argue with me, and she was full of love even though I mistreated her. I got drunk and cheated on her to hurt her even more. But one day I heard her listening to The Voice of Truth radio program. My heart broke. I knew that I was wrong and that I was a great sinner. I begged my wife to forgive everything and I prayed to God to help me change. He freed me from all addictions. Now I have peace and I am free from the shame and hatred. God renewed my marriage, and gave me a good job. I praise him because his mercy was so great to my sinful heart.”

From a participant of a Discipleship Essentials conference in Senegal: “From now on I will live my faith in Christ with more courage. Before, I was too afraid to show myself as a believer in Jesus. You know it’s not easy in my country, but I have faith in the protection of God.”

From a listener in Cuba: “I am a housewife and I love to listen to the station and particularly your program. From the time I was 8 years old, my dad and I listened to the radio station on a neighbour's radio because there was no electricity. We listened to a battery-powered radio. I thank you for the effort to transmit in Spanish. I met the Lord thanks to you in 1995. I thank God and you for being bearers of the good news of salvation, and I encourage you to continue. There are still many souls who need the Word of God. May God richly and abundantly bless all who do this work.”

God is at work and I’m excited to be involved in all that he is doing!

I’ve been so humbled and appreciative of the warm reception from so many of you as I’ve started with TWR Canada and I look forward to working alongside you as we continue to develop our team across Canada. Your prayers and financial support are such an encouragement to me, and I am thankful for your stake in the ministry. It’s my prayer as we partner together to reach the world for Christ through media, that more souls would come to a saving relationship with Christ. I also pray that you would be inspired and encouraged that through the transition in leadership, lives are continuing to be transitioned to hope which is so much greater than anything we could ever ask or imagine.

I am committed to continuing TWR Canada’s mission of reaching lost souls for Christ and discipling and training believers to become leaders in their own communities. But like many organizations, TWR Canada receives a major portion of our income in the final weeks of the year. This means we share the gospel and train believers throughout the year in faithful anticipation of God’s provision through your partnership as we approach the Christmas season and the end of the year.

Would you please join with me as we continue to witness the transition of people from darkness to the light of Christ and help them grow in their faith? Your gift will enable us to finish this year well and begin 2020 on a solid financial footing.

Thank you for your continued partnership, prayer and financial support of the ministry of TWR Canada. It is my pleasure to work with you to bring Christ to the world on air, online and on the ground.

With the hope of Christ,

Dan Reese
President, TWR Canada