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Winter 2019

God Speaks My Language
“I never knew the impact that TWR has around the world!” I have heard this so many times. For years, we have been told that TWR is the best kept secret in missions.
The Value of Partnership
Partnerships are a vital part of TWR Canada’s DNA. Working together towards a common goal increases our ability to do more.
More than Radio
How do we reach a 20-year-old in Delhi, India, who owns a smartphone, is tech-savvy and communicates solely with that phone? You use the smartphone.
Global Media
TWR's international network reaches millions in 160 countries in 230 languages.
TWR Women of Hope
TWR Women of Hope brings hope to women across the world and across generations.
Sri Lanka
We are bringing hope to the predominantly Buddhist nation of Sri Lanka through radio programming, radio home groups and listener follow-up.
We reach out to the growing church in Cuba using radio, listener follow-up and visits, as well as counselling workshops.
Poverty and malnourishment are a significant challenge in Burundi. TWR Canada broadcasts the hope of the gospel on nationwide radio.
Less than one percent of French Canadians would identify themselves as born-again believers. TWR Canada aims to reach this province with the Good News.

Fall 2018

Answering Questions
"Today's program was really good. The pastor teaches it in a very good way and we're happy to learn from him. I listen to your program regularly."