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Becoming Part of the Team
" ... before I would tell you how, I would tell you why you should join us in sharing the message of God’s love around the world."
Informed, Updated and Connected
"God is doing some great things through TWR Canada, and we want you to hear about them!"
Sharing the Gospel Away from Home
"A love for the Lord and a passion to share the gospel is what motivates our missionaries to pack up their lives and go serve in a new place."
Fulfilling the Great Commission at Home
"As we welcome more and more people of different cultures to our country, we have the opportunity to engage cross-culturally."
The Foundational Work of Prayer
"Prayer is foundational to all we do, and we are so grateful for the people worldwide who faithfully uphold the ministry in prayer."
TWR Canada's Global Engagement
Our global engagement is vast. Check out this map to learn more!
Thank You!
We trust the Lord for his provision in all things including finances and we are so thankful for those who partner with us financially. 
Answering Questions
"Today's program was really good. The pastor teaches it in a very good way and we're happy to learn from him. I listen to your program regularly."
Best Surprise Ever
"In one of the episodes you read a story about presents and surprises, and you asked whether we like to make them."
Blessing to the Church
"For everyone who has will be given more, and he will have an abundance” so that God’s church can be blessed.”