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Fall 2019

What Ministry Looks Like: On Air, Online and On the Ground
On air, online and on the ground … each component must be done effectively to ensure that the Church is built on a solid foundation.
TWR Women of Hope
“Jesus Loves Me” is a familiar song to most people. It has stood the test of time. Why? Because although it is a simple children’s song, it is based on a profound truth: Jesus does indeed love us.
Discipleship Essentials
Recently, a man who had discovered DE online told us that he was encouraged by the material and began sharing it with others. Over the course of a year, he began discipling 400 people!
Persian Ministry
In the Persian-speaking world, it is dangerous to be a Christian. Yet God is moving among these people, changing lives and bringing the hope of Jesus to them.
In Burundi, TWR Canada airs three programs over Burundi National Radio. With a potential listening audience of over 10 million people, there is incredible opportunity to get the hope of Jesus into the homes and hearts of listeners!
Twenty-five years ago, there were no evangelical believers in Prilep; today this community is sending out missionaries, ...
TWR Canada's Global Impact
Working in 70 countries and in over 50 languages, with our broader partnerships covering 190 countries and over 230 languages, TWR Canada has a significant global impact for the gospel.
Callers are connected with a local church in their community by The Hope Line volunteers. Someone from the local church visits with the caller and brings them the requested resource.
Kakuma Refugee Camp
With no country willing to offer the hope of citizenship and asylum, the people who live in the camp have a desperate need for eternal citizenship in heaven.
For over 55 years, Cubans have been hearing the gospel from TWR Bonaire, with stronger reception as a result of the recent signal upgrade. For the past 10 years, TWR Canada has been partnering with RTM Cuba to produce programs like Messages of Faith and Hope.