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Spring 2020

Still on Mission Dan Reese, TWR Canada President
What does it mean to be “still on mission”? This question has been on my mind as we have seen significant interruption this spring in the way many organizations conduct their “mission”.
God Breaks Down all Barriers
The Middle East is a challenging place to share the gospel. The majority of people living in this region believe in Islam, and religion is often enforced by the government and through cultural practices. TWR staff must work creatively and discreetly to share about Christ as many Muslims who accept Christ face persecution. TWR staff from the Central Asia, Middle East and North Africa (CAMENA) office share these stories with us:
Tools and Resources for You and Your Church
For decades, TWR Canada has partnered with the Church to use media to bring people to Christ around the world. Now, the world is at the Church’s own doorstep here in Canada. But people – including these new neighbours – are most responsive to the gospel when it is presented in their own heart language. Are you and your church prepared?
Calling for Hope
In Quebec, less than one per cent of the population considers themselves to be Christian. Ministry is challenging when so many people have not heard the gospel, and many others have hardened their hearts to the Word of God.
Training Radio Home Group Leaders in India
What is a radio home group? The best way to describe a radio home group is a simple, flexible, cost effective and interactive method to help believers mature, grow in fellowship, win others for Christ and quickly multiply.
Freedom Found in Christ
The Roma people face heavy discrimination and have weathered many years of persecution and suffering. They are a people without a homeland and have been displaced across Europe through years of forced migration and land evictions.

Winter 2020

Celebrating God's Faithfulness Ross Campbell, TWR Canada Board Chair
On behalf of the board of directors, we are very excited to see how the Lord leads the ministry of TWR Canada through Dan in the years to come.
My Journey: Called by God Dan Reese, TWR Canada President
There was that familiar sense of peace that I have had many times before at major crossroads in my life. Don’t get me wrong, I had plenty of fear, recognizing my inadequacies, but I also had an overwhelming sense of calmness and trust.
God's Faithfulness Ray Alary, former TWR Canada President

Looking back on the last 10 years and my time as the president of TWR Canada brings with it many memories. I’m in awe of God’s faithfulness as I consider the ministries that he has opened doors for us to begin!

Fall 2019

What Ministry Looks Like: On Air, Online and On the Ground
On air, online and on the ground … each component must be done effectively to ensure that the Church is built on a solid foundation.