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Why Media is Important


As people self-isolate and hunker down during this crisis, the media that keep us connected to other human beings and to what’s happening around the world will play a vital role in our lives. As they seek information, answers to life’s hardest questions and even diversion, they’ll turn to radio broadcasts, videos, the internet and mobile apps as pipelines beyond their four walls. And for people in many countries, these technologies are the only ways to gain access – and often the confidential access needed to avoid persecution – to God’s Word.

Serving as a voice of hope, strength and information in times of grave crisis isn’t new to TWR. Although our main priorities are proclaiming the gospel and making disciples, we frequently leverage our global communication facilities to help people trapped in natural or manmade disasters. We’ve done so after hurricanes and earthquakes and during wars and civil turmoil. We’ve even reached out during Ebola epidemics, and we’ll do so now in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.


Programs responding to the pandemic are already being aired. TWR Asia’s Chinese Ministry promptly created From Despair to Hope, a program consisting of multiple short episodes offering encouragement and evangelistic messages to some of the hardest-hit countries. Already going out in Mandarin, plans call for the program to be translated into other Chinese languages as well as Korean and Japanese.

In English and Spanish, the 26-minute interview program Coronavirus: What You Need to Know has been broadcast from the TWR Bonaire transmitter – the most powerful AM station in the Western Hemisphere. The program has also been translated into Farsi for broadcast into Iran, another especially hard-hit country. Featuring an interview by TWR’s Andy Napier with nationally known Christian health-care leader Dr. David Stevens, the program opens with extensive information about the nature of the virus and preventive measures to take. It also includes an engaging discussion of spiritual perspectives on the COVID-19 outbreak.


Mirroring countless other faith-based and secular organizations around the world, TWR Canada is striving to apply the best, most up-to-date medical advice from government and health agencies. We consider our responsibility to our missionaries and staff members a sacred trust, and we are committed to keeping them informed, supported and protected to the highest degree possible.

  • Our offices in both London ON and Markham ON, are currently closed. All of our staff are working from home to comply with the social distancing guidelines given by global health professionals.
  • The staff for many of our offices around the world are also working from home – often because of government mandates.
  • All of our major broadcast facilities are operating and are expected to continue to be on the air barring unforeseen regional complications. Backup plans have been put in place in the event of staff illnesses. Included among these facilities are TWR Bonaire, the West Africa Transmitting Station, TWR Eswatini and Guam.
  • Staff members have been given directions and training so they will be able to work from home. Staff are staying connected t one another through the use of Microsoft Teams and Zoom video conferencing for outside partners. 


Our staff, our programming and our facilities will keep proclaiming the gospel across the globe in more than 230 languages. But we readily admit that we can’t do this without you. We understand that you have lots of pressing issues on your mind, that the world seems like it has been turned upside down since the beginning of the year.

Frankly, though, we count on your continued prayers and financial support. 

If you’ve been supporting a TWR Canada missionary – whose basic financial needs certainly will not diminish during this crisis – or giving to ministry outreach, we thank you sincerely and ask you to keep standing with us in the days ahead. And if you’re used to posting gifts to us by conventional mail and find that process to be problematic or even impossible now, please consider going online to our easy and secure donation page, where you can give from the safety and convenience of your home computer.

Finally, throughout its founding, operation and growth, TWR has been undergirded by prayer. We are firmly convinced that God will continue using and blessing this ministry as long it remains sharply focused on its calling and relies on daily prayer. So this is our appeal to you today: Please make TWR Canada a regular part of your personal prayer time. It is our goal to not merely survive this coronavirus ordeal but to truly be “more than conquerors through him who loves us.”