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Caribbean and Northern Latin America

Beginning the week of March 23, the team in the Caribbean and northern Latin America began airing a few special programs live at 10:45 ET. The idea is to pray for the listeners, their needs and encourage them with the Word of God.

Please pray for the distribution of the programs. The governments in different countries are establishing a quarantine and most of our partners are working from home or going to their offices just for a few hours. The challenge is that some of them don’t have good internet at home. Please pray that production and distribution will continue throughout this time.



  • Pray for Alberto as he answers calls from listeners. Pray for the words to encourage them and point them to Christ in this difficult time. Also pray for Alberto as he works on writing new program scripts.


  • Pray for the needs of the people - as people live hand-to-mouth, staying at home or social distancing in crowded cities is almost impossible.
  • People are terrified, some even attacked the first person who tested positive for the virus with machetes. Pray for the people to hear about the hope and peace that is found in Jesus Christ.
  • Pray for the people to learn of the ultimate physician, Jesus. Many people visit witch doctors or wait until they are really sick before seeking medical help.


  • In Suriname, we have a partner, Pamela, who serves with World Team. She has distributed media players in Suriname three times now. 
  • Please pray for Pamela and those she works with to stay healthy and safe. 
  • Pray for our team on the ground. They travelled from their home to the office to do a full day of recording as they do not have the internet at home and gasoline is very scarce in the country to going back and forth to the office is not an option. Please pray that the recorded messages would be an encouragement.


  • Continue to cover the people of Brazil in prayer as the virus is claiming many. Pray for God’s protection over the RTM team’s health.


  • As of today, there are no cases of COVID-19 on the island. Please pray for the continued protection of the Island.
  • Pray for the programs that are being aired from Bonaire. Pray for transformation of lives as a result of of the message going out from Bonaire.


You can learn more about our ministry in Latin America and the Caribbean here.