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Please pray for our partners and the refugee ministry as they implement the following in response to COVID-19:

  • Our partners have added two sections to the Love Europe app: Quarantine tips and Health. They have added useful links to all the federal ministries of health in the countries the app is available. Some other informational sites dedicated to refugees are also listed, so they can read it in Arabic or Farsi. 
  • In the media section, videos explaining Corona in Arabic, Farsi and English from acknowledged institutes and sources were added.
  • In Quarantine tips, videos with tips to survive quarantine and be productive were added.
  • The in-app additions were promoted on Facebook, as well as sharing other websites with information about COVID-19.


  • Pray for the Easter programs for children that will be put online.
  • Pray that more people will be made aware of the online resources that are offered through our partner in Denmark.
  • Pray for the online church services and worship being produced during this time. There were more than 1000 people who viewed this service. Pray the viewers would come to know the Lord as their Saviour.


TWR Netherlands have a number of special activities with respect to the current COVID-19 situation:

  1. They broadcast a `minute of hope’ eight times a day.
  2. They changed their Sunday programming since people cannot go to church. They repeat parts of Thru The Bible that are encouraging for listeners.
  3. They sent a message to all of their donors who are entrepreneurs to let them know they were praying for them.


  • Praise God for the staff in Switzerland who continue to create encouraging programming through this difficult time. Pray for the team as they navigate how to continue the radio program with only a few staff. Archived programs have also been made available to the public to encourage them. They have already seen an increase in the online use of their material and programming!


  • Praise God for the opportunities to be a witness for Christ during this time of isolation. God is at work!


  • Pray for the PureWave live programs that are being broadcast in response to COVID-19. We thank the Lord for the audience interaction that has come from this programming.


  • Pray that the new 2-3 minute videos "Antiseptic for the Soul" point people to Christ.


  • The team in Serbia has distributed 500 face masks to listeners who approached them.


  • Praise God that the office in Belarus is functioning well amidst the country's lockdown.
  • In spite of the crisis, broadcasts and production are able to continue. Our partners realized that this is a unique time and they are looking for ways to respond proactively. Praise God for these partners!
  • Praise the Lord for the full recovery of all staff in Belarus who had COVID-19.

  • Praise the Lord for the full resuming of studio and office hours, recordings and productions.


  • Three new programs were created to share encouragement and different perspectives on the present situation. This was done through interviews with Christians from various walks of life, such as religious leaders (priests, bishops), business leaders and government workers. Pray that these programs are an encouragement in this time of need.


  • In Poland, our partner has opened up a hotline for people to call in and receive counselling. Pray for wisdom for those answering these calls. Pray that they can share the hope of Christ with these callers.


  • Praise the Lord that the churches joined together and the church leaders are encouraging the believers in a united way.


  • In Romania, they created several new programs that deal specifically with the crisis and offer hope and encouragement to the listeners. Pray that the listeners will be touched by this programming and their hearts would be open to God.


  • Dirk, the director of the team in Cyprus shared with us that more restrictions have come from the president and it has been challenging to live in isolation for such a long time.


  • From our partners in Spain, "It's confirmed that Jose and his wife have coronavirus, along with his mother and brother. Jose is in the hospital with oxygen, but his situation is improving. His wife has a milder case and is at home."
  • Radio Encuentro is promoting a program produced by RTM Uruguay with a psychologist about self-care during the pandemic. It’s available on digital platforms like their website.
  • José Pablo (President of Canal de Vida / Radio Encuentro) is now back home from the hospital and is mostly recovered. His wife has a milder case and is also at home. Several of his family members have coronavirus, and we are keeping them in our prayers. There are others who are connected to Radio Encuentro have been affected in varying degrees by the coronavirus. Please pray for those who have COVID-19.
  • Another episode of Esto Es Real Talk! that is relevant to coronavirus (“Why is there suffering?”) has been released on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, SoundCloud, iVoox and iTunes. It will be promoted partly as a helpful program in light of the coronavirus. Pray that this program brings comfort and hope to its audience.
  • Radio Encuentro is publishing helpful social media posts about the coronavirus and the need for biblical truth in this time. Esperanza Suarez, one of the announcers, is producing a short daily program about personal reflections at quarantine time. Pray that the truth of God's Word would open hearts and minds to Jesus Christ.


  • Pray for some of the staff in France who have mild cases of COVID-19.
  • Radio Colombe has talked about the coronavirus on air and there are some hope-offering programs about it on the website as well. Pray that people would tune in to these programs and cling to the hope of the Lord.
  • Since the lockdown, radio listenership, in general, has increased in France. This makes the work of PHARE-FM in sharing the hope of the gospel that much more important during these uncertain times! Since the lockdown began, the station has received a dozen requests for free Bibles; this may not seem like a lot, but just to give you an idea, in 2019 there were just 30 requests for the entire year! Pray for people in France to continually be drawn to Christ.
  • Pray for Vincent Collet as he works on translation. One advantage of the lockdown is that it gives Vincent somewhat more flexibility in his schedule. It has therefore permitted him to devote more of his time to the translation project. In the last few weeks, he has made good progress in the translation of The Good News We Almost Forgot by Kevin DeYoung. 
  • Pray for the Collets, whose planned move to Lyon will take place in August, Lord willing. Pray that the move will go forward as planned and that the transition to a new school for the girls will go smoothly.


  • Please pray for CRC Italy, our Italian National Partner, as they are in the centre of the whole crisis, in the North of Italy.
  • Our partner is publishing helpful social media posts about the coronavirus and the need for biblical truth at this time. It is difficult for CRC to produce content since the area of Lombardy where CRC is located is on lockdown. They are doing the best job that they can and see this as a great opportunity to reach the Italian people. Pray that the team is able to continue production despite the circumstances.
  • YouVersion (a Bible app with over 300 million views) has agreed to upload the Italian Thru The Bible programs for six books of the Bible (John, Philippians, Ephesians, 1 Peter, Psalms and Romans), with a particular emphasis on reaching Italians who are struggling in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Thru the Bible has agreed to continue the full-length TTB broadcasts on all current Italian FM stations in light of the coronavirus needs. Previously, the plan was to halt these broadcasts in early April ahead of the new 5-minute TTB ministry. The final confirmation is pending conversations between CRC and the stations. Please join us in praying for the broadcast of these programs.

You can learn more about our ministry in Europe here.