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Just weeks before lock-down began for our partner in Nepal, they held listener rallies and were able to visit different fields and groups of listeners. They were also able to distribute radios and Bibles among Bhojpuri areas.

We anticipate seeing more reports from the team in Nepal in the coming weeks, however, the entire country is currently locked down due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The mandate now is for everyone to stay at home. All non-essential services, including offices, colleges and any gatherings have been closed. 

  • Pray for the people of Nepal as they cope with the spread of Covid-19. The infrastructure to handle such a pandemic is very weak.
  • Please pray for the TWR Women of Hope ministry outreach to the people of Nepal. Many Nepalese people are reaching out to the WOH team depressed and filled with fear. Pray for God to meet their needs and for people to turn to Jesus during this unsettling time.


In the Philippines, we work with Elena, who is our Discipleship Essentials Champion. She organizes training and assists people on-the-ground in growing up their churches. 

Elena shares, "These times are indeed very challenging but an opportune time to share the love of Jesus to people in whatever way."

Please pray for protection from the virus and good health for all involved in the ministry. The city Elena lives in is now in an enhanced community quarantine where several measures need to be followed to ensure the safety of all. Several major cities in the Philippines are also on lockdown status. 

The goal for strengthening the small group ministries has been intensified so that people continue to meet digitally or otherwise and grow their faith. "We are receiving good news in the midst of this crisis and how our churches have been prepared for this pandemic."  

  • Praise the Lord for the work that is happening in the Philippines with Discipleship Essentials. Please pray for the churches using DE as their discipleship guide that they would continue to be strengthened during this time.


  • Pray for the Church in China. Both house churches and the foreigner churches believe that it will be a while before they can meet together. They feel the government will use this as a way to control church gatherings moving forward.
  • Praise God that the pastors in China are still able to take care of their congregations through small groups and the internet.
  • Praise God for the two ministry resources, Bible Stories Alive and Discipleship Essentials, that are ready to be launched in China.

China - SOTA Ministry

  • Praise God for technology that can be used to carry on with staff meetings and training. Pray for wisdom for the staff on how to support enrolled students, as well as provide continuous training to their graduates.
  • Praise God that this time of lockdown has allowed students to have more time to study which has resulted in better exam grades!

You can learn more about our ministry in Asia here.