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We spoke with Rachel, the director of the ministry in Burundi. She enthusiastically replied, "May the Lord bless you and continue to pray for us as we do for you."

Media is a powerful tool that is being used to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ especially in this particular moment of crisis where the whole world is terrified by the Covid-19 pandemic.

In Burundi, they are still working as usual but with a lot of fear because all the surrounding countries are affected and work, schools and churches are all closed. People work from home where it is possible.

The team in Burundi would like prayer knowing that the incubation period of COVID-19 is long. On one hand, believing God for protection and on the other hand, one can imagine that there are some cases which are already in the country, the propagation may be quiet high.

The team on the ground are currently in the process of translating and producing TWR scripts about prevention which we will air on radio free of charge.

Rachel shares: "My point of view is that this chaos may bring revival in many people's hearts. This morning I went to the mayor to pay annual taxes and I found a 60 year-old man who was waiting in line and reading an old Bible. He didn't even know the names of the books in the Bible, his eyes seemed to not see well but he told me to find for him John 14:15-16 and he commented on it." We praise the Lord for this man and pray that many others will look for the truth and hope that is only found in Christ! 

  • Praise God that the spouse of a staff member who tested positive to the coronavirus is now discharged from the hospital and resuming his job.
  • We thank God for many new broadcast opportunities that are opening up because of the COVID-19 content that TWR provides.


The first case of COVID-19 was reported in Kenya on March 13. Since then there have been more cases reported. The team in Kenya has scaled down the office operations and people are working from home and only going to the office to use the studios.  

Bernice, the director of TWR Kenya shared: "Please pray for us as we adjust to the new normal. We need to keep the stations on air to broadcast hope as a media house but no one is buying air time so there is no income to keep the stations running. It’s a dilemma."

As a result of COVID-19, TWR Kenya has been able to broadcast school lessons for children in remote parts of Kenya like Wajir and Garissa through the FM stations. Children from private schools are able to continue their studies online but children from public schools who are the majority do not have access to the internet. Instead, the government has put these lessons on the radio and our stations are helping by giving two hours per day for these broadcasts. "We pray that through this initiative, we can collaborate better with the government even after the crisis is over." Says Bernice. 

  • Pray for the rural churches in Kenya. They can no longer meet together and, unlike urban churches, they do not have access to social media to reach their congregations. TWR Kenya offered airtime for pastors to send in recorded messages for their churches, but most pastors are technologically unable to record and send in a message to air. Praise God that two pastors were able to use the radio to share messages of hope! The response to these messages has been overwhelming.

  • Pray for students who live in rural areas. The only option for these students to continue to learn is through radio. The government has been broadcasting all of the school subjects through the national radio; however, this broadcast was not able to reach into all areas. Join us in thanking God that the TWR Kenya station can reach these students through their broadcasts! They have partnered with the government to air the school programming for a couple of hours each day on the TWR station!

  • Pray for certain parts of the country, like Turkana, where it is hot and dry and water is limited. The people who live in these places face a hard decision: should they drink the little available water or “waste” it in washing their hands. 

  • Pray for the truth to overcome the lies from Satan. People are receiving lies from the devil about cures for COVID-19. TWR Kenya, pastors and other experts are doing their best to refute these lies and encourage people to follow hygiene instructions from the government.

  • Pray for the programs going out during this time. There is so much news about the virus on media, that it is instilling fear in people. Pray that TWR Kenya can offer hope in Jesus Christ through their broadcasts.

  • Praise God for the opportunity to reach more children with the Bible Stories Alive programming. TWR Kenya plays the program immediately after some educational programs run by the government. 
  • TWR Kenya is hoping to be able to distribute some radios with the availability of funds. Please pray with us that they are able to distribute these radios.
  • Pray for Hekima FM to maintain the internet stability that they need in order to keep up with their internet streaming demands.
  • With heavy rains in three counties, the residents are happy that impassable roads have become a blessing in disguise. They see it as a natural way of restricting movement during this pandemic time. Praise God for his blessings.
  • Praise God for the unity that has increased among the pastors in the SIFA LAMU area. When churches closed due to the pandemic, they came together to seek help from the radio station and, with this, realized the power of radio.
  • Pray for wisdom and strength for the station managers. Many of them are working longer hours to cover the absence of other staff and to keep continuity with the programming.
  • Praise God that Sifa FM Marsabit has programming that has brought Christians from all denominations together to worship through the radio. The station has received overwhelming testimonies pointing to the positive impact they are having on the society, now more than ever.
  • Sifa FM Voi has had to stop airing a popular show where pastors discuss marital issues. Due to various stressors during this pandemic, domestic violence is on the rise. At a time when the program is needed most, it is not airing. Please join us in praying for these couples and families at this time.


  • Praise God that the Women of Hope programs in Bambara are being prepared and broadcast as per usual.

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