Trans World Radio Canada - Christmas


1. Portable Media Devices
In areas where radios do not reach or are impractical or to supplement radio programs, TWR Canada distributes biblical teaching content on portable media players.
2. Evangelism
People around the world are hungry to hear the good news of Christ. Through TWR's high-powered radio coverage, we can reach more than two-thirds of the world's population in their language!
3. Discipleship
All Christians need spiritual leaders and mentors to help them grow deeper in their faith. In many areas of the world, these leaders are few and not well-trained. In some areas, the leader of a church or group may simply be the first person of the group who heard the gospel - and that may have been quite recently!
4. Men, Women and Children
Along with our more general evangelism and discipleship programming, TWR Canada offers specialized content to help each member of the family walk in a godly manner.
5. Canadian Ministry
Within our own boarders we have a great need for the hope found only in Christ. With an emphasis on immigrants and refugees, as well as Canada's French-speaking and Aboriginal peoples, TWR Canada is developing audio, video and text tools to help churches teach biblical principles in a culturally-sensitive way.
6. Missionary Mobilization
TWR missionaries use their skills in media, administration, engineering, finance, IT and more to enable us to effectively share the gospel around the world.
7. Infrastructure and Global Network
Strong infrastructure is needed to communicate the hope of Christ. This includes the transmitters, generators and studios that enable our programming as well as the networks of partners that translate and contextualize programs to the needs of their own people and provide follow-up
8. Global Media
TWR's radio network coverage has the potential to reach over four billion people and through the internet, we engaged with 190 countries last year.