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  • Sep22Thu

    Saying Goodbye To Marli Spieker

    September 22, 2016
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    TWR Women of Hope

    Join Marli on the Saskatchewan Ministry Tour

    Marli Spieker may be one of the most dedicated women in ministry I know. Her tireless efforts for the last nineteen years has created a global ministry to women focusing on prayer, raising awareness of women’s issues, programming, and support groups on the ground. When I visited a slum in Angola, I knew that was where Project Hannah needed to start in Africa (read that story here).

    But Marli is retiring.

    Switching leadership is difficult, even when it’s a positive and welcome change as this is. I convinced Marli to join the TWR Canada team on the Saskatchewan Ministry Tour at the end of September, but for those of you who won’t be able to make any of those events, I wanted to give you a glimpse into Marli’s heart. And give Marli a chance, through this blog, to say goodbye.

    Take it away, Marli.

    How important have Canadian donors been to the ministry of Project Hannah? There’s two answers. For the ministry of Project Hannah, I have no words to express what the Canadian donors have done. What I have felt in my heart and what I’ve seen as a result of the Canadian donor’s investment. God is the only one who can truly answer this question, but He has poured out restoration, encouragement, so many things He has poured out to the women we serve and that TWR Canada supports in West Africa, Southern Africa, and Iran.

    Personally, Project Hannah’s Canadian donors feel like family to me. I’m Brazilian, but when TWR called to have us [my husband and I] join them internationally, TWR Canada opened the door for us to come there to learn English. I have great a love for the people of Canada. We were recipients of such love and it was overwhelming the love we received.

    So, for me going to Canada is like going home. Further than that, I know there are thousands of people in Canada praying for Project Hannah and for me personally, and I think that where I am right now is the answer to those prayers. I’m in a place of joy, peace, great satisfaction to be able to finish well and hand over the reins of this ministry to a capable and younger person. It’s a joy for me.

    Greatest Struggle

    My greatest struggle has been to see the extent of the evil, to see that pain is universal. To see the river of tears shed by women in every culture and walk of life, this has been a daily struggle. It gets to where I say enough! We’ve been praying for 19 years and the struggle and suffering is still there, but on the other hand, I’ve seen the results of the ministry and this has kept me going.

    Another aspect of that struggle was the local church. The first ten years, it was a struggle to wake up the Church to the need country to country, to help the Church look across the street and then across the globe and see the struggle that goes on. WE are the Church. If we don’t act and speak for those who have no voice, for those who are going to slaughter, who’s going to do it?

    This has been my struggle. The extent of the evil, the human impossibility to change it or stop it, and also the sense that we need more people fighting on this battle.

    Greatest Lesson From Leading Project Hannah

    I was in Singapore 20 years ago when God gave me a vision for Project Hannah. God has taken me on a personal journey that I never could have imagined. Challenged me in ways I could never have imagined.  The greatest lesson I have learned on this journey is the sovereignty of God. Charles Spurgeon said the sovereignty of God is the softest pillow. Looking back, I spent many sleepless nights and many days trying to do ministry on my own. And it’s a very hard pillow. I was very passionate to get women out of suffering, but all my worries and concerns and actions did not stop God’s sovereignty. I think that’s what I learned and I’m thankful that He gave me time to learn that.

    He wants us to pray. I don’t know why He waits, but He answers and this proves to me His sovereignty. He’s going to answer.

    Thank You!

    To those I will meet in Saskatchewan, I want to the opportunity to meet you personally. Please come out to these events. I am very much looking forward to these events and to seeing and encouraging people to keep doing what they are doing.

    To those I will not have the opportunity to meet in September, I have no words to express what’s in my heart and the personal joy your support has brought to me. Thank you and God bless.

    Find more details about the upcoming ministry tours through Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario here.



    On Wednesday, September 28, 2016, Lisa Wilson said:

    Della, Thanks so much for your lovely comment. Ray and Marli and the team are in Saskatchewan and we made sure they received this message. Thank you so much for your support of TWR Canada and Project Hannah.


    On Wednesday, September 28, 2016, Della Soper said:

    My deep appreciation to Marli for all her vision, dedication, sacrifice and diligence that she demonstrated through Project Hannah. Only heaven will reveal the fruit from her labours when thousands of women will join her around the throne praising God for His work through her. I have been following/ praying for, PH since its inception almost and now am delighted that my friends Ann and Jean Seri are involved in Cote d'Ivoire with the ministry. I know God will continue to use Marli and that her torch has been passed on to one who will take it into brave new endeavours. Thank you Marli. Della Soper


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