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  • Apr2Tue

    How Stories of Changed Lives Impact Us

    April 2, 2019 By the TWR Canada Ministry Team
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    TWR Women of Hope
    We all love a good story! And as TWR’s ministry to women, TWR Women of Hope has countless examples: stories of hearts changed, hope restored and new lives being lived for God’s glory. As we share the message of Christ’s hope and healing around the world and across generations, God’s love is bringing true peace and lasting change. However, those involved are not the only ones whose lives are changed; those hearing the stories are also impacted. 

    In Canada, there are many faithful intercessors praying through the prayer calendar each month. We asked some to share how TWR Women of Hope’s ministry and stories impact them. And it was encouraging! Here’s what they said.

    “Why are stories important? They are the essence of what the gospel is about ... changed lives. And I love to read of it; and especially where situations seemed beyond hopeless, to see God work is breathtaking. It makes me fall in love to a greater extent with this amazing Heavenly Father who is kind beyond measure and his loving mysterious ways draw me deeper.”

    “The stories I read encourage me to have right priorities in my life, to be more thankful for the country we live in and the freedom to worship our Lord Jesus Christ and to pray and give. May the Lord bless you in all you do in his name.”  

    “I believe stories give us a common ground to connect with women living worlds away from us. Although geographically separated, we as women often share the same fears, sorrows, struggles, joys and successes that we experience in our own lives here in the Western world. Hearing stories gives me a deeper connection to my sisters in Christ that I won't receive just hearing facts about a specific country or people group. These stories also give me specific areas to pray for these women and their unique needs and situations.”

    “I am encouraged when I see how God is answering prayer in people's lives.” 

    “The stories of changed lives are what keep us excited about TWR Women of Hope and encourage us to continue to pray and support financially. These stories show us that God is using [the ministry] to meet the needs of woman all over the world and that Jesus cares for them.”

    “Testimonies give us a chance to relate to another woman with a depth that might not be possible without it. I know that I have cried with a fellow sufferer as I too have gone through many trials in my own life.  Then, I can pray with more fervor.”

    “I am often moved by the stories and testimonies from listeners to your broadcast and thank God that he can touch so many lives. The stories and monthly prayer calendars grow my awareness to the needs in the world beyond my immediate one.”

    “Women of Hope shares the strength of survivors whose daily struggles are not often heard … Women of Hope shares HOPE in this broken world, recording one life-changing story at a time. People’s lives are changed. They are choosing to believe and to trust. Stories illuminate the real focus on what is important: FAITH, HOPE and LOVE. The sharing grounds me. It brings me back to realize all that I have
    – the necessary and the excess. Women of Hope awakens my soul, refreshes my perspective, brings mission work into my heart and into my home. It allows me to share my resources and know I am part of making a difference in someone’s life. Prayerfully connecting me. I am blessed.” 

    The stories of hope from women around the world are changing our perspective here in Canada. They are encouraging us to take a closer look at our own lives, to be more thankful and to be connected with how God is bringing hope and healing to women globally. You can be part of this vital ministry by joining the 63,000 plus intercessors who pray through our prayer calendar each month.