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    When God Calls: Missionary Spotlight

    June 26, 2018 By the TWR Canada Team
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    We are excited to announce the newest missionaries to the TWR Canada family: Vincent and Trina Collet and their two young daughters. We’ve asked them to share about the ministry they will be involved in, and we hope you enjoy getting to know them as much as we have.

    Trina and Vincent grew up with very different backgrounds. Trina grew up in southern Ontario in an English-speaking Protestant community surrounded by Christian friends and family; Vincent grew up in a French-speaking, non-practicing Catholic family in northeastern France. Trina felt very settled in her way of living, and Vincent, aside from believing that God existed, didn’t really know what he believed, though he had an interest in missions and dreamed of living in Africa.

    Vincent moved to Quebec City in 2005 to continue his studies, and in 2009 after a few difficult years, he began attending a church where he was able to get to know more about God through time in the Word, in prayer and in community. As a result his life was transformed by Christ. In 2011, Trina moved to Quebec to begin a Master’s degree. She began attending the church where Vincent was already a member. They started dating and discussed the idea of missions even before marriage; yet, they didn’t know how they could use their gifts to serve God. They were married in 2013 and since have had two daughters, Eden in 2014 and Maïa in 2015. Vincent began teaching French to missionaries who were preparing to leave for French-speaking countries in Africa. He also began work on a translation project, translating Christian books from English into French. Throughout this time, the desire to serve through missions remained in their hearts, and they prayed about it regularly.

    Then, God opened a door. A friend of a friend, who knew about their interest in missions, told them about a Christian radio station in Lyon, France, called PHARE-FM Lyon Dauphiné. God had plans for them: to bring them together and lead them to work together in the service of his kingdom, specifically in France.

    They had never really thought of France as a mission field before, particularly not Vincent. After all, who thinks of going back to their own country as a mission worker? Often when we think of mission fields, we think first of countries with a need for humanitarian aid. But the fact is that in many Western countries, the need for the gospel to be heard is just as great. France, much like Quebec, is a traditionally Catholic country, but today, very few actually believe in the gospel, have a living faith or attend church. There is a considerable and visible need in France!

    Trina and Vincent began exploring this possibility and getting in touch with the people at the radio station. During Christmas of 2016, while spending the holidays with Vincent’s family, they took a trip to Lyon to visit the radio station and meet the team working there. They were encouraged by this trip, and the more they explored, the more they felt God putting all the pieces together and orchestrating all the details. They also visited a local church that was similar to their home church in Quebec; it was small, and they felt they could feel at home there.

    Vincent and Trina had never thought of radio ministry before and neither of them had experience in this area. Vincent, however, had done some studies in administration, and his gifts and talents matched an administrative opportunity in Lyon. They also came to learn that radio can be a great way to reach the people in France with the gospel, where talking about one’s faith openly and publicly is taboo. The advantage of radio in a context like this is that people with an interest in learning about Christ can listen to gospel messages alone in their car or in their homes, without being afraid of what their friends and family might think or of being ridiculed. Vincent shared, "Our prayer is that such people, after receiving an introduction to the gospel via radio, will come to see how life-changing and precious the gospel message of Christ is and will be emboldened to take the next step of visiting a church." Part of Vincent’s job will include helping interested listeners connect with local churches.

    Following their trip to Lyon in 2016, the next several months involved a lot of planning and organization, as the mission project had to be built from the ground up. For them, as well as the church supporting them, this was all very new, but God blessed their efforts and everything came together. God provided financial support from various sources, often unexpected ones, and he led them to TWR Canada, since PHARE-FM's parent organization is one of TWR's major partners in France. Through the waiting and figuring out of the details, God brought them through the rough patches, teaching them faith, patience and humility along the way.

    Vincent, Trina and their girls are preparing to leave for Lyon this summer, Lord willing, so that Vincent can begin his service at PHARE-FM in September. While they had both been involved in short-term humanitarian or mission trips, they are still amazed that today they are preparing to embark on a permanent radio ministry project in Lyon, France!

    Would you prayerfully consider joining the Collet family as a prayer or financial partner as they embark on this journey in Lyon, France? There is still some need for ongoing financial support to reach their goal. We invite you to learn more or contribute financially.